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Eckert’s: Most Experienced Movers Oceanside

Who doesn’t want to save money while moving – and do it as efficiently as possible. For local moves, people often hire a cheap moving truck. However, it’s easier said than done to move on your own without professional assistance. Nobody would want their belongings to be arrived damaged.

San Diego Movers

If you’re looking for cost-effective movers in Oceanside, CA for local or cross country moves, Eckert’s Moving and Storage is a good option.

For More Than 50 Years, We are the Trusted Oceanside Movers

Situated along the heavenly coastline in southern California, Oceanside is a paradise for every beach lover. This city has currently the longest wooden pier on the western seaboard and is home to the California Surf Museum.


Because of its scenic views and overall accessibility, Oceanside is a wonderful place to live in. For people considering moving to this beautiful city, it is important to hire one of the best moving companies Oceanside.

San Diego Movers

Eckert’s Moving and Storage works in collaboration with North American Van Lines. We offer moving and storage services to San Diego, San Marcos, and Oceanside, CA. We have been one of the oldest California moving companies around.


Apart from our Texas DMV Phone No., you can use (888) 274-7230. So, for California customers, especially those living in Oceanside, CA, this toll-free number will be more than handy.


A Trustworthy Oceanside Moving Company in San Diego County

So what do we offer? Simply, everything! And believe us, we are n0t exaggerating a bit. Our professional movers know how to take care of all the ups and downs of moving houses. This is why we call ourselves your worthy of your trust!

Oceanside movers

Professional Movers

Eckert’s Moving & Storage is proud to serve the City of Oceanside with the quality moving services. Here, every mover is well-trained to ensure your treasured belongings make it safely to your new home or office. With our top-notch services, you can enjoy hassle-free local and long-distance moves.


Registered Oceanside Moving and Storage Company

As an agent for North American Van Lines, we have been responsible for full-service commercial and residential moves since 1953.


Our experienced Oceanside movers enable you to focus on settling into your new home in this amazing coastal city.

Coastal City

You can rely on us to deliver a successful relocation, no matter where you are heading.

Versatile Moving Options

Are you relocating your office or moving into a different house? No matter what your answer is, Eckert’s Moving and Storage is going to facilitate you either way. We have expertise in catering to both commercial and residential moving necessities, and this is why we call ourselves one of the most versatile moving company of San Diego.


Why Are We Different from Other Oceanside Moving Companies?

At Eckert’s, we understand that relocating to or from Oceanside is a tough job and should be done carefully. That is why we deliver some of the most efficient moving services in the region.

With our Oceanside movers Oceanside CA, you don’t have to try to move your belongings by yourself. Relax and let one of the most experienced Oceanside moving companies handle it for you.

Oceanside Movers

Best Oceanside Movers with Top-Notch Services

Here are some notable moving services we offer in Oceanside:

Fully Licensed Local Movers

There’s nothing more frustrating for customers on the moving day than working with a non-professional company. Customers normally expect the contractors to come equipped with all the necessary tools, and this is only possible when you work with a certified and licensed San Diego mover.

Leading Providers

A fully licensed moving company Oceanside, CA can make it a seamless experience since they have the idea about your moving needs. Eckert’s can offer you that experience as we are the leading Oceanside California movers for decades.

Free Quote According to Your Moving Needs

Get a free quote by calling us on our toll free, through email or by filling an online form. Remember, it’s just a rough estimate so you’re not under any bindings. Once you liked our free quote, you can allow us to visit your home or business location.

Price Estimation

The guys from our company will inspect the location and all the household items in your presence. You will receive a written estimate of all the moving costs involved. Don’t fret as our agents will sit with you to explain each and every step, and with your consent, they’ll include or remove a service.


Once written estimate is handed over and signed, our agent will keep in coordination with you. Till your belongings reach the new location, we shall take care of them.

Full Coordination

Full-service Packing

Like the business itself, ‘moving’ has become a broad term. Therefore, a job may involve a number of services, such as packing, loading, heavy lifting, temporary storage and more. To be safe and remain stress free, you should opt for our full service packing.


Have your stuff packed by professionally trained guys. This might raise the cost a bit, but when you’re dealing with a precious item, you need it relocated damage-free rather than calculating the cost.


As said, we’ll take care of your belongings till they reach the new location, and assist you in every step of your move.

31,000 Sq.ft Storage Facility

Apart from providing free boxes, custom crates, and packing services, the San Diego international movers also provide temporary storage facility.

Safe Location

We store your belongings at secure, fireproof, moisture-proof, and convenient locations. So, if you’re moving temporarily, you can take help from our free storage facility and take a breath of relaxation.


Vigorous Packing Supplies

Apart from great communication, extra person to support you during packing, and providing free moving blankets during transit, the popular San Diego movers also offer packing supplies to save the moving costs.


It doesn’t matter if you have a heavy furniture, antique, or hi-tech gadget, our movers have the right solution for everything.

Packing Tape

Vehicle and Piano Shipping

It’s not just about furniture shipping; we can take care of your vehicle and piano, too.

We have worked diligently to satisfy uncountable customers in the past. And we’re confident to make your next move as hassle-free as it can be.

Safely Relocating Your Office and Light-Industrial Equipment

Eckert’s has been the best moving company in Oceanside California for a reason. What makes us stand out is our professional team and advanced equipment. Our professional crew knows how to relocate light-industrial and office equipment, and they come prepared for it.

Commercial Moving

Whether you want to relocate your office over a long distance or it’s a local move, no job is tough for the experienced San Diego movers.


Furniture & Equipment Moving

Furniture and heavy equipment can make life tough for you. But when you hire a professional Oceanside California mover like Eckert’s, it’ll be as easy as you like.


Insurance Coverage

Not only do we move your precious belongings, but we also offer insurance coverage. Plus, our staff is insured, too.

Insurance Coverage

Protection of Your Valuables

If you want any of your belongings to arrive late or you want to sale them, you can avail our storage service.


In short, it’s not just about the packed stuff, because we also take care of the items stored at our massive storage unit.


Concessions for Military Families

Eckert’s Movers offer special discount to military family members in moving their house.

Parents Playing with their Kid

For details you can contact us via phone, online form, or visit in person.

Best Movers with Local Moving and International Moving Experience

Contact Eckert’s team to get their insured services and efficiently relocate to a new place!


As a trusted movers, we are part of a worldwide network of moving professionals. Our team is efficient, and competent to handle your local, long-distance, or international move. Our comprehensive moving services can help you stay focused on the other aspects of the move.

International Shipment

Eckert’s is a prominent moving company in Oceanside, known for delivering result-oriented services. Our innovative techniques make us stand out in the moving industry as renowned packers and movers.

Whether you are moving a small room, a house, or an entire office, our crew understands every aspect of the moving process, no matter how big or small it is.

Need More Insights Into Our Moving Process? Explore Our Website Now!

Still confused about how Eckert’s work? Leave all your confusions behind, as we have addressed all your concerns on our website. Of course, when you hire organized local movers in San Diego, moving seems as easy as ever.


You’ll be getting lots of perks and facilitation by expert movers, from packing, loading, unpacking, unloading, and everything that comes in between.


But what if you can’t search for the best movers in Oceanside? Or even if you find one, it charges you hundreds of dollar? Such a bummer, no? So, what are the best option in these situations? Believe us, it’s no one else than Eckert’s Moving and Storage.

Not only we provide you with free consultation, but also keep you updated about everything with some useful tips and related stuff.

Informative Blogs

Can’t figure out your total costs or what stuff is more important? Don’t panic, our blogs section has got everything you must know before you plan to move out. Want to hear something even better? Our blogs also tell you about how you can move out without spending much. Check it out now!

Important Stuff


Need short and relevant answers to all your questions? Whether it’s knowing about the right way to plan your moving or preparing your family members for relocation, our FAQs section will give you short and quick answers to all your queries.


Video Guide

We know that pricing, packing, and loading includes so many technical things that a layman can’t understand. This is why our video guide will take you through every step involved in moving your valuable stuff from one place to another.


If you’re not into technicalities at all, you may not have planned anything yet, right? Planning everything from packing, loading, and delivery is really important. So, if you don’t want to do it on your own, you always have the option to contact us. Check our detailed planner now!


Choose Eckert’s as your Oceanside Movers to enjoy a hassle-free local move. Contact Us!