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Move without Breaking Your Budget with Our Affordable San Diego Movers

Are you searching for affordable movers in San Diego County for your move? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page!

We are Eckert’s Moving & Storage, a reputed San Diego moving company that delivers 360-degree moving solutions in San Diego area, especially Chula Vista, Balboa Park and downtown San Diego. `With decades of experience in the moving industry, the locally owned business has stretched its customer base to different parts of Southern California, including San Diego, CA, Orange County and other counties.

We are fully licensed company known for delivering stress-free experience – and we can pull out a great job for you!

Since 1953, Eckert’s are a trusted team of San Diego County movers as we deeply understand your moving needs. We are a full service moving company offering much more than you expect. On top of that, you’ll get affordable rates. In fact, our prices will be lower than any of the cheap movers around.

So, contact us for free moving estimate. We won’t disappoint you!

Or if you want to know what makes us one of the best San Diego movers, read on to find out.

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Professional Movers with Lots of Experience

Residential and commercial moves may seem different, but when you get a closer look, both offer a certain level of difficulty – details only a professional moving companies can understand. These intricate details are very helpful in determining the nature of move.

Packing Tips

Know A Little About San Diego, CA

Before we tell you what makes us different from other moving companies, why not know a little about San Diego, CA? The beautiful city in the state of California is situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean that is adjacent to the Mexican border. It is one of the cities that comes under the San Diego County.

As of 2019, the county was the fifth most populous county in America. San Diego’s parks and beaches make the city a great place for tourists. Not only that, but its warm climate also convince hundreds of people annually to move into the city.

With gorgeous cities like La Mesa, Del Mar, Chula Vista, and San Marcos, it’s not hard to find moving companies in each of them. However, finding the great guys from locally-owned companies can be a daunting task.

This is when you can rely on Eckert’s Moving and Storage! We are a locally-owned moving services provider, working for decades in San Diego, CA.

Now, we move your belongings in and out of several cities with a trusted team of movers. With our full assistance and consultation, you can get through the nerve-racking process of moving smoothly. Sounds like a dream? We make it a reality!


Hiring the Right Mover Can Be Tricky

San Diego, CA is surely an excellent place to move in, but the hurdles that come in the process can spoil your excitement a little. So what is the best plan that help you save money? Hiring cheap movers.

Apart from the costs, most people also struggle to find fit movers in San Diego, CA, while others get scared away from all the heavy lifting.

Here’s an example: People often misconceive that a company that offers long distance moving services may not be a good option for local moves. This must have struck your mind while going through a list of San Diego movers.

Another common misunderstanding is, local movers are quite cheap. When looking for an affordable moving company, home owners often tend to overlook whether they’re reliable enough.

Damaged Box

What Can Happen If You Hire Unreliable Local San Diego Movers?

In order to save money, most people end up getting their precious belongings in a damaged condition – or perhaps lose some of the moving stuff. Apart from this, moving items often get damaged due to:

  • Mishandling while loading
  • Unprofessional movers or those with less experience
  • Lack of specialized equipment
  • Wrong size or type of the moving truck
  • Improper packing
  • Unsecure placement, and many others

Moreover, there are issues that can turn you off. These are just a few reasons why you should hire professional movers. This leads us to the next section where you’ll learn how to get the best service from experienced movers.

Professional San Diego Movers

Moving Tips: Hiring San Diego's Best Movers

Whether you’re hiring long distance movers or local movers, follow these tips to find trusted moving pros with little efforts:

San Diego Movers

Cost vs Quality

Besides focusing on saving your moving costs, you need to keep the quality of service in mind as well. When you reach out to a professional San Diego moving company, you’ll observe that they’ll be happy to assist you, no matter the query.

Professional companies like Eckert’s always focus on pulling out an amazing job, instead of providing what you asked for. Our highly trained movers have experience in local and long distance moves, especially cross-country moves. So, we know how to make your moving day absolutely stress-free.

Be Open About Your Moving Needs

This is something many customers don’t do. They only ask for the moving services they think are suitable for them. Instead, you should be more open and discuss each and every detail that can create a problem on the moving day.

San Diego Movers

Free Online Quote

Professional movers in San Diego, like Eckert’s, go an extra yard to help their customers. Our experienced representatives know how to get to the core of the issue.

But even before that, you might want to get the rough idea. You can save your time by visiting Eckert’s website and get the free moving quote by filling out a simple online form.

Things to Provide
  • They might ask you about the size of your house, just to get an idea how many movers can do the job.
  • Also, it helps them guess the type of vehicle to be used.
  • You’ll be asked for origin and destination so that they can calculate the fuel cost.
  • You can mention the insurance coverage, storage solutions, or other services.

Based on the data you provided, they’ll give you a free quote – and you’re not bound to comply with it.

Get the Written Moving Estimate

After you find trusted moving pros, the next step is to ask them to visit your location. Representatives from the San Diego moving company will visit your location to examine your belongings. Provide all the details of the items, because that’ll only help them provide the best solution.


For example:

  • Give them details of the moving stuff
  • They might want to know if you’re leaving a few things on the location or using their temporary storage services
  • Ask if they can provide you free moving boxes – or perhaps, packing services and packing materials
  • Be specific about the moving day. Moving during Monday-Friday costs less than weekends.
  • You may be asked about the number of laborers to deploy. Typically, two movers are sufficient for one-bed or studio apartment, or a room meant for a couple of college students.

After proper evaluation and cost assessment, the moving company’s representatives will hand over a written estimate. If you agree with the terms and condition, this’ll constitute a moving contract.

Your Expectations on the Moving Day

There are different types of vehicles and move types. If you’re looking for the cheapest move, you’ll be provided with a moving container and you’re on your own to transfer the stuff. Alternatively, a moving team reaches you on-time on the moving day, and take it from there.

San Diego Moving Company

Movers with Big Affiliation

Whether it’s a local move or a long-distance relocation, we are specialized in providing a wide range of moving services in San Diego County. These include packing services, heavy lifting, top-notch moving vehicles, and much more.

As an agent of North American Van Lines, we are a part of the worldwide network of moving professionals. This is why we are the best team to take care of your moving and storage in San Diego.

So, let’s work together and move your belongings successfully to your new location!

How We Make Your Moves Stress-Free

At Eckert’s, we serve our world-class moving services in many areas of San Diego County. We are all-service-fit movers for residential and commercial moves.

As Local Movers

As one of the best cheap movers in San Diego, we offer professional and insured staff to make moving in San Diego or close proximity a worthwhile experience. Apart from typical moving services, we also offer top-quality packing services for precious items. Moreover, the moving items will have extra protection via moving blankets, and other necessary materials.

Long Distance Movers in San Diego

Local movers are not licensed, but if you work with full-service movers that also cover long distance moves, you’ll be in the safe zone. That’s because long-distance movers or cross-country movers have to be licensed.

This also means they have no room to deceive you; otherwise, their license can get cancelled on a single legitimate complaint from a dissatisfied customer. Eckert’s fall in that category, too.

San Diego Movers

Great Guys to Work With

All in all, Eckert’s Moving and Storage is a moving company with just one purpose – to keep our customers satisfied. This is why we hire professionals, have a large fleet of vehicles to accommodate big or commercial moves, and can provide specialty assistance too.

In short, if you’re looking for the best cheap movers in San Diego, Eckert’s moving company should be on top of your list. Contact us for a free moving estimate!

No Hidden Fees

With Eckert’s moving company, you can send your household goods and valuable stuff anywhere in the world at affordable prices. We are one of the most trusted cheap movers in the whole county that provides the total free quote to our customers without charging any hidden fees.

Our professionals will tell you about every expense beforehand, so that you’ll know that you’ve hired one of the best cheap movers out there. Quality and on-time delivery are our utmost priorities.

International Shipping

Smooth Overseas Shipping

Everyone wants cheap overseas shipping, but it mostly comes with a lot of hassle. How about getting both simultaneously? At Eckert’s, you’ll get the moving services from our great guys. From loading the boxes in the truck to taking the truck to the port, it’s an entire process that only fit movers can perform.

Our moving service San Diego will transport you in a ship to the port and bring you to the port near your new home without any hassle.

Temporary Storage Services

Apart from facilitating you with free boxes and packing supplies, our services also cater to your storage needs. We provide you with temporary storage at secure, moisture-proof, fireproof, and easy locations. So, if you want to move temporarily or keep your stuff safe till they get sold, you can avail our storage services!

Versatile Moving Options

Our great guys know how to provide with versatile moving services. So, whether you’re looking to relocate your office or shifting into a nicer house, our experienced local movers will assist you in both situations.

We are fit movers for commercial and residential moving. We assure you that we won’t let you feel alone in the entire packing and truck un-loading process. After all, we work with our customers and consider them a part of our team.

What Else Do We Offer That Other Moving Companies Don't?

Most moving companies don’t focus on enlightening their customers with the ins and outs of moving. At Eckert’s, you will be guided all along.

Interstate Moving Tips

Interstate moving can be difficult. But with our tips, you can get through it easily. From packing to delivery, our professionals won’t leave you alone at any point.


Whether you want to relocate your office or just need some tips to relax a little, our informative blogs are going to make your life easier than ever. So, if you want to have deeper insights into our process, you can check out our blogs now.

Helpful Guides

What’s better than a comprehensive video that guides you about everything? We have a video on our website that helps you understand our entire moving process easily, including the cost evaluation as well.

Online Tracking

We also let our customers track their shipment online. You’ll know the location of your luggage all the time!


Contacting the Best Moving & Storage Company in San Diego, CA

As one of the most-trustworthy fit movers in San Diego, Eckert’s Moving and Storage has helped many people with useful moving tips as well as their on-time service. We give credit to our great guys who know everything from providing consultation to customers to loading and unloading the truck at the right location.

Not only are we one of the best moving companies in a few cities, but we also cover the entire county.

If you hire us, you won’t have to worry about anything else other than starting new. Our fit movers ensure to provide you with all the services you need without slipping at any point.

We cater to almost all our customers as our team doesn’t shy away from performing any job. This is why Eckert’s Moving and Storage is different from other moving companies.

Don’t how to hire us? Pick up your phone and contact us now!

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