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Public Scale

Corporate Relocation
Eckert’s Moving & Storage offers certified public scales in San Diego County that can be used by the public to weigh shipments and ensure their loads are not overweight. Our public scales are 70-feet long and have a maximum capacity of 100,000 pounds. One of our certified operators will weigh your vehicle and provide you with four copies of the weight ticket along with the original copy. Our weights are certified, licensed and sealed in accordance with all applicable governmental jurisdiction and respective laws, rules and regulations.
Our public scale in San Marcos is useful for new vehicle owners, military members and next of kin, over the road truckers and people handling the transport of their household goods as well as other commodities. Eckert’s Moving & Storage assists these people in obtaining the weight of their shipment/cargo and securing a California public weigh master’s certificate of the vehicle’s weight.
The scale at Eckert’s Moving & Storage was established to assist new vehicle owners in obtaining a DMV weigh master certificate required by the Department of Motor Vehicles for commercial vehicles. Our scales can also be utilized by military member or their next of kin to weigh rentals or privately owned vehicles being used to transport household goods, instead of having the government ship them. In essence, our public scales can be used by anyone with commercial vehicles that need to be weighed and certified.
Our public scale in San Marcos is open for use Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday’s from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m., Closed Sundays and Holidays. You can get both an empty and heavy weight for only $10.00 on the same ticket. Axle weights are also $10.00 and if you need to move your axles to get legal, pull off the scale to move them and the re-weigh is FREE. California Department of Agriculture and Weights and Measures Certification of Eckert’s Moving & Storage scale assures acceptance of weight tickets for commercial and legal purposes. We also provide certified vehicle weights for vehicle titles and licenses.
You can find Eckert’s Moving & Storage certified public scale located on Highway 78 between Interstates 5 and 15. Exit at San Marcos Blvd., go south two lights to Bent St. and turn right. The scale entrance is across from the Fry’s parking lot.
Some of the benefits of Eckert’s Moving & Storage public scales include:
  • Platform type
  • Certified operator present
  • Keeps a file of each weight ticket
  • Furnishes drivers with an original plus four copies of the weight ticket
  • Certified, licensed and sealed in accordance with all applicable governmental jurisdiction and respective laws, rules and regulations