Free Printable Moving Checklist

One of the best decisions you can make in life is to relocate and give your life a fresh start. By changing your surroundings, you’ll have the chance to discover new places, join new organizations, learn new skills, and grow as a professional!

Sad to say, moving can be difficult and stressful, not only because there are physically-draining things to do before and after, but also because of the mentally-consuming task of considering,  assessing, and picking where to relocate.

If you are finding it difficult to decide where to relocate but are seriously considering moving, these ten factors and a free printable moving checklist we have curated may just help you! You can look attentively at these, as these can significantly impact not only your moving experience but your lifestyle after the move.

You can get a free printable moving checklist from the Houston Suburb Group after considering these ten factors.  Use the free printable moving checklist as a guide to ensure that you can take care of everything before and during your move. It can aid you in achieving that hassle-free relocation!


Appealing location!

First, think about the setting that your family finds most appealing. While those drawn to urban environments may prefer to live in cities or suburbs with easy commutes, nature lovers should think about the town’s availability of green space as well as the number of parks, bodies of water, and farms nearby.

You can choose between a city or a rural area to live in as each has distinct and fascinating characteristics. Some advantages of city living are the abundance of social groups, the youthful population, and the short commute. What’s great about city-set communities and neighborhoods these days is that they are transitioning to a greener way of life.

Rural areas provide several benefits as well, like reduced pollution, more options for an active lifestyle, great for taking care of animals and planting, fresh air, and more land available. Communities dedicated to sustainable living are springing up everywhere, and they are specifically designed to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

Low price!

It’s important to look at local tax types and rates in addition to house prices when evaluating a town’s affordability because they can drastically increase your yearly spending. You should also include the cost of living expenses, such as those for utilities, groceries, entertainment, transportation, and Homeowners’ Association (HOA) fees. The free printable moving checklist can provide you with some tips on how to manage your budget for moving.

Essential local amenities!

Purchasing a new home involves much more than just the house itself; it also involves the community you choose and the facilities in the area. Find a neighborhood that is not only wonderful to live in but also convenient and safe for you and your family. The following six community amenities are essential and should be considered when searching: access to places for shopping, entertainment, green space, schools, playgrounds, and healthcare facilities.

Accessible transportation!

To ensure an easy commute, you may also want to think about the accessibility to key highways and the ease of driving in and out of the neighborhood when looking for your new house. In order to get around in a reasonable amount of time, it will also be helpful to confirm if the neighborhood where you will live has access to uber, taxis, buses, or light rail transit (LRT) service.

Similar-minded residents!

Getting to know a group of individuals who share interests and values as you will help you find a place that feels like home. Learn about the political views, spiritual-nourishment groups, community organizations, and programs that are offered in the town you plan on moving to. You can learn what the locals are talking about and what chances are available by joining the social groups for the place you’re considering.

Better opportunities!

You should take your desired opportunities into consideration while deciding where to relocate. Select a location that is close to important businesses, offers more jobs, career opportunities, and has high appreciation rates. It’s enjoyable to expand your network, meet new people in your business, display your talents, and have the opportunity to learn something new. Many are finding that moving out of the country may be the best option to meet these better opportunities abroad. When reading through this list you will find that all the reasons that are mentioned in this article may be best found in another country and are the very reasons why people are leaving their home land.  A packing list for moving abroad should include a few additional items, such as travel documents and different types of chargers.

Excellent nearby schools!

Find out which schools are the best for your children. Living on one side of the school boundary could make the difference between a school that does well and one that falls behind its peers. Additionally, you should research the options in the new location if your child has particular requirements or interests. To learn more tips on transferring your child to another school, check out the free printable moving checklist.

Amazing culture and entertainment!

A town’s accessibility to historical buildings, art galleries, theaters, music venues, and other performance spaces should be considered if your vision of the ideal weekend involves a dose of art or history followed by some live music.

Better lifestyle!

If your decision to move is anchored on the desire to improve your lifestyle and quality of life, think about your priorities and search for homes that provide remedies for the issues or difficulties you are experiencing in your current residence. If you’ve outgrown your existing residence, are tired of the daily commute that takes hours, or would like to be able to work from home but can’t in your current setting, make sure to check if the place you will move into can provide you opportunities to involve in activities that will help you grow as an individual, easily access transportation, and better employment. To kick off that better lifestyle on your moving day, make sure to use the free printable moving checklist that will aid in arranging your belongings before and during the transfer.

Easily accessible parking area!

Parking space availability is one of the key factors you also need to consider when you decide to relocate. For first-time homebuyers, parking is essential since it makes it easy for you, your family, and your visitors to enter your house. Parking helps keep your automobile cool and secure during bad weather. It keeps your vehicle secure and lessens traffic and pollution.

The Houston Suburb Group has produced a free printable moving checklist that will help you in making sure you won’t miss anything once you have made the choice to move. With the help of this free printable moving checklist, you can plan your move from nine months in advance all the way until moving day.

It’s not necessary for moving to be as stressful as it first appears. With the help of this free printable moving checklist, you can do everything in time for moving day and have your new house comfortably prepared. Check out the Houston Suburb website for more moving advice and tips or schedule a consultation with the Houston Suburb Group to receive expert advice on moving and finding a home, and feel free to download the free printable moving checklist below.

Download the Ultimate Free Printable Moving Checklist here.