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Want to hire affordable Solana Beach movers? Look no further as Eckert’s Moving and Storage has been offering its customers with top-notch Solana beach moving services for quite some time. The Solana Beach moving company knows exactly what you want or how to go about relocating your home or office.

Our years of services and experience make us one of the best Solana beach moving companies around. So, what do you need to do when hiring the best Solana beach movers? Keep reading.

Hire Our Trusted and Experienced Solana Beach Movers for Quality Moving Services

Wishing to move to Solana Beach, but don’t know much about the best moving services? Don’t worry; Eckert’s Moving and Storage has got you covered. To make your moving experience hassle-free, you need the help of a professional team of movers!

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Solana Beach

A Little About the Beauty of Solana Beach

Nestled by the north coast of San Diego County, Solana Beach, CA is a beautiful place to move to and if you’re planning to relocate to this amazing place, you’ll love it there!

The city is joined to the other cities through a great network of routes including Highway 101, Via de la Valle, Lomas Santa Fe Drive, and Interstate 5. Not only is the place full of natural beauty and vibe, it is surrounded by the some extravagant tourist spots, such as Del Mar, Sierra Ave, Fletcher Cove, and more.

From North to South, the gorgeous city of Solana Beach is covered with five main beach spots:


When you go towards the northern tip of Solana Beach, you’ll find Seaside that is an amazing surfing spot. The beach has an outer reef, called Table Tops, which breaks on big southwest swells.

Tide Beach

earching for a beach with the best sand? The Tide Beach has the best sand of the bunch and a reef patch that offers tide pooling. Hands down, one of the greatest venue to spend your evenings!

Fletcher Cove

Also referred to as Pillbox, the Fletcher Cove is situated where the Pacific and Lomas Santa Fe Road meets. You can enter this beach through a concrete ramp that starts at Fletcher Cove Park, a popular recreational park of San Diego.

Solana Beach

Seascape Beach and Del Mar Shores

The two gorgeous landscapes, Seascape and Del Mar shores are located on the northern side of the San Dieguito river mouth. These spots are one of the most-visited spots in the city.

We know it’s tempting! And this is probably why Solana Beach sees a high volume of local moves throughout the year.

Get in Touch With a Reliable Movers Company

Giving a small town feel, this beautiful city attracts lots of people to move in and be part of the seaside community. Thus, there has been a great demand of Solana beach movers and if you’re looking for a reliable team of local movers too, you’ve landed at the right spot!

At Eckert’s Moving and Storage, we have been the top choice of people moving to and from Solana Beach, CA. Our well-trained and certified professionals are known for their planned and stress-free work. Our professional movers promise to take it right from your doorstep and leave when everything is settled – and you’re satisfied.

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Eckert's Moving and Storage: The Best Moving Company In San Diego County

What makes Eckert’s stand out from other movers in Solana beach? It’s about an effortless and hassle-free move! So, if you’re wondering why you should choose us, here’s why we are the premier moving company:

All-Inclusive Moving Services

You might come across a moving company in Solana Beach that tends to restrict its to only one or two parts of the move. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few similar companies in Solana beach. For instance, they will only offer you a moving truck or just a combination of packing and moving.

Limited number of services or restrictions can be a problem on the move date – and the best moving companies know it.

For example, If you choose such movers Solana Beach, California, you need to hire the other service providers and buy the equipment on your own.

This not only increases your expenses but also adds to the hassle of moving. On the other hand, the Solana Beach movers at Eckert’s offer all-inclusive moving services.

Eckert's Assistance in Making Your Experience Smooth

Moving to Solana Beach is surely a dream come true, but there are a We offer licensed and insured moving service at low rates; these include:

Packing Tape Gun


With us, you need not go out and buy packing supplies because we will provide you with the same. Our movers will help you pack and unpack all the boxes, so that you can focus on more important things.


Looking for storage facilities as well? Good news for you; we also provide you with a free storage space that is safe and secure, fireproof, and moisture-proof. So, if you’re moving temporarily, free storage is an ideal choice for you.

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Moving (relocation)

Eckert’s is another name for convenience, as we also take care of all the moving equipment and vehicles for you. After our courteous movers get done with your packing, they load your boxes in vehicles arranged by them.

Unlike other moving companies in Solana Beach, CA, our main focus is to give you a positive experience – and this will only happen when the job is completed according to your requirements.

When you bring us on board for your moving day, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. So, plan your move worry-free with Eckert’s Moving and Storage.

All Types of Moves

Whether you’re shifting your business or moving your furniture, you’re going to enjoy our courteous and efficient services. We’ll take good care of your belongings, like they belong to us.

If you’re planning a commercial move or are moving an office to Solana Beach, California don’t worry. We have still got your back! Our movers Solana Beach CA offer residential as well as commercial moving and storage services to our clients.

With over 50 years of experience, we understand how crucial it is for you to move the fragile office equipment and supplies from one city to another. This is why our trained movers ensure safe packing and moving of all types of items.

So, just sit back, relax, and contain your excitement of moving to a new location while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Get in touch with us for professional packing, moving, and storage services!

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Loaded Boxes

How to Make Your Next Move Safe, Secure and Stress-Free

It’s not only about Solana Beach moving company, but finding the perfect one among so many moving companies, in general, is a daunting task. Even if you consider this place, you’ll come across a variety of Solana Beach moving companies only to make your decision tougher.

In this situation, the only way to go about it is to see which one’s offering what service – and the money they’ll charge. So, if this is your first move, not just to Solana Beach CA, but anywhere, these are the tips to keep in mind:

Work with a Professional Mover for Efficient Results

Most of the times, customers fall for the low rates they’re offered. Remember; it’s not always about the moving cost. You need to make sure that your stuff is dealt with great care. The only thing that makes any move pleasant is when you get back your belongings without any damages.

This is why working with a professional mover is important. Professional guys are licensed, experienced and are always careful in handling different types of items. They know the exact place to put a particular item and make sure it won’t break during transit.

Fragile Boxes
Price Estimation

Ask them to Fill Quotation

Remember, even if you fill out an online form, it won’t create a binding unless a professional moving company in Solana Beach sends someone to inspect the area where you’re located. The company’s representative will then come to visit your location (probably a week ahead of the moving date), and monitor all your belongings and give you a written estimate.

The agreement will take place only when you approve of their written estimate. A mere phone call or email contact won’t form any legal bindings.

Enquire About the Quality of Labor

Local movers often include trainees who are not licensed and insured. Make sure you work with movers who don’t give you such excuses. Yes, working with professional movers can be a bit expensive but their staff will have the right experience in taking good care of your stuff.

Professional movers will be more than important if you’re relocating your business to or from Solana Beach CA. When it comes to office relocation, you cannot take risk. Make sure the labor is insured and have a good track record, too.

Professional Labor
Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Watch out for any insurance coverage you’re offered. It’s not mandatory, but always helpful in smooth moving process. Say, you’re moving a portable swimming pool. You might want to know about the insurance cost, and the type of vehicle to be used.

Pick Up Your Phone and Contact the Best Moving & Storage Company in San Diego

As an experienced movers in San Diego, Eckert’s Moving and Storage has moved everything under the sun that can be moved. Not only are we one of the best moving companies in Solana Beach CA area, but we also cover the entire San Diego county.

With us, you neither have to worry about the money nor the quality of the service. Our careful movers ensure to provide you with an efficient moving service that gets all the work done before the sun goes down.

We are open to all customers. No job is too small for Eckert’s – so what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and contact us now!