5 Ways You can ease the Stress of Moving

5 Ways You can ease the Stress of Moving

It goes without saying that moving can be one of the more stressful events in a person’s life.  Ensuring that all of you and your family’s belongings make it to your new home in one piece can be a daunting task to say the least.  Furthermore, you have to deal with the financial and logistic aspects of selling your current home and moving into a new location.  If you have children and pets, it can be even more tedious. From organizing, packing to actually relocating to a new city, needless to say, it can really be a nerve-wracking ordeal that leaves you feeling like a bucket of nerves with a giant headache.

If you want to alleviate your moving stress and avoid getting overwhelmed with the whole process, Eckert’s Moving and Storage offers the following 5 helpful tips:

Get started ASAP and create a moving plan – when you’re moving, nothing is worse than pushing everything to the last minute.  Research has shown that this is a common source of anxiety and stress when moving.  You can’t afford to still be packing items when you only have hours before the movers get there or you have to be out of the home by a certain date and time.  Planning far enough in advance can prevent a lot of moving stress and reduce the uncertainty of the entire moving process.

Declutter your home of unwanted items – if you’re like anyone else, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of items over the years, many of which are just tucked away in closets or an outbuilding on your property.  Start going through those areas and getting rid of items that you know you won’t need in your new home or are planning on buying new when you get there.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Digitize your old memorabilia if you’re keeping it for sentimental reasons
  • Dispose of all old liquids (Eckert’s Moving and Storage doesn’t want these on our trucks as they can be a mess just waiting to happen)
  • Donate or recycle old, outdated computers, phones, TV’s, and other electronics
  • Donate or sell old books, CD’s, DVD’s, and other media that you’re not using
  • Donate whatever you’ve forgotten about or didn’t realize was in your closets
  • Donate, give away, or sell unneeded food storage containers and other kitchenware
  • Donate, give away, or sell your older clothing
  • Get rid of or sell your old or damaged appliances and furniture
  • Give your children’s old toys to the Toys for Tots foundation
  • Give your old coats and jackets to a charity or homeless shelter

Don’t attempt to do everything all at once – moving is as stressful mentally as it is physically.  So, the last thing you need is more stress.  Trying to get everything done all at once is a good way to injure yourself and make the process even more tedious.  Back injuries are one of the most common results of overdoing it.  So be careful when lifting those boxes, you’ve packed.  Focus on packing up one room at a time instead of going helter-skelter throughout the house. It helps to label each box with what it contains. When you start unpacking, it would easy to stay organized. Ensure that everything fragile is marked properly so that the movers are careful with those boxes. We recommend installing a CCTV camera so you can watch what the workers are doing all the time.  Be sure to always delegate when possible like having an RV Storage expert take care of your RV for you. 

Take breaks when needed – obviously you just want the whole moving ordeal to be over as soon as possible.  And while it’s tempting to push yourself to the limit, this will only cause more stress and potentially result in getting injured.  Slow down, take a breath every now and then, and give yourself ample time to get done. It is good to make a checklist and work in an organized manner. That would ensure that you can take out time for rest. Start early so that you have a couple of weeks to plan and pack.

Hire Eckert’s Moving and Storage to help with your relocation

Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, the smartest thing you can do is to hire the services of professional movers.  While you’re taking care of your family and responsibilities at your business or your job, we’ll handle everything associated with your move. With years in the moving industry, we understand how to ensure a stress-free move for you. Offering a range of ancillary moving services- bringing in packing supplies, packing/unpacking, loading and unloading the truck, to removing the debris after unpacking, we’ll do it all while you focus on other aspects of your professional and personal life.

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