Helpful Tips when Moving to San Diego from Australia

Helpful Tips when Moving to San Diego from Australia

Moving can be a daunting task whether you’re downsizing or upgrading your current living situation.  But when you’re relocating internationally, it can be even more challenging.  For example, if you’re moving to San Diego from Australia, and you’ve hired Eckert’s Moving and Storage to assist with your relocation, you should feel confident with the decision you’ve made.  If you’ve decided on relocating across the Pacific, be sure you start planning well in advance of your move.  We will be more than happy to assist in the planning and preparation of your move.

Aside from the obvious, how does an international relocation differ from moving domestically?

It goes without saying that a “Things to Do” list for a domestic move will be much shorter than your international (moving to San Diego from Australia) agenda.  The following will give you an idea of the planning and preparation that’s needed make when moving internationally:

  • Start planning well in advance of your moving date – international moves take much more time than domestic moves.  So, you’ll need to start planning and preparing well in advance of your move.
  • International relocations involve a lot more organization – you don’t want to move a lot of belongings when moving to San Diego from Australia only to discover you won’t need them in your new home.  By decreasing the number of items that are going and organizing them, it will save on your relocation costs.
  • Customs regulations are paramount – customs papers and passports aren’t required for domestic moves, but they definitely will be for an international move like this one.  Learn what items are prohibited and restricted.  In addition to your passport, you’ll need other documents such as proof of international relocation and a detailed inventory of what you’re moving.
  • Be prepared for culture shock – you’re relocating thousands of miles from your home continent and will be surrounded by a diverse range of cultures and customs.  This can make organizing things more complex.  Do enough research to familiarize yourself with San Diego as well as the American culture and lifestyle.

To learn more about moving to San Diego from Australia or any other international move, call Eckert’s Moving and Storage at (888) 274-7230 today.

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