Tip Professional Movers

Is it customary to Tip Professional Movers?

Most of us know that moving can be a stressful experience, even if you’re only moving a few blocks from your current residence.  It’s an event that is often filled with dozens of questions and uncertainties.  However, there are a couple of questions that customers seem to worry about more than others.  When you hire Eckert’s Moving and Storage, are you supposed to tip movers? And if so, how much is customary?

This is a delicate matter at best.  On the one hand, most people don’t want to look like cheapskates or like we don’t appreciate how hard those movers worked when helping with your relocation.  But on the other hand, you worked hard to earn that money and besides that, you’re probably like a lot of other Americans that move on a tight budget.  Consequently, every dollar counts.

Is Tipping mandatory?

Obviously, there is no local, state, or federal law that makes tipping professional movers a requirement.  Nor is it something that you should feel obligated to do.  However, there are certain guidelines and rules of thumb to consider.  You may be wondering why you should tip your movers when they’re already getting paid for the work they do.  Isn’t it customary to tip other individuals in the service industry such as cab drivers, hotel and restaurant valets, or waiters and waitresses?

The reality is that tipping these individuals is the best way you can show your gratitude and let them know you appreciated the service they provided.  This also gives them the incentive to continue doing a good job.  The amount that someone would normally tip the Eckert’s Moving and Storage team is usually based on the following factors:

  • The attitude of the workers – were they courteous and professional?
  • The condition of your items – was everything intact or was anything damaged?
  • The quality of your move – was it just okay or did they exceed your expectations?

Using these as a guideline will help you determine whether or not they deserve a tip and the amount to tip each person. However, we consider tips as a sign of goodwill and an appreciation of a job well done. Thus, it depends on your experience.

What should you ask yourself when determining the size of the tip?

People often get worried about whether they should tip movers once the job is finished.  The answer comes down to determining if you were happy or unhappy with the service that the Eckert’s Moving and Storage team provided.  Here are several questions to answer in order to make up your mind about tipping your movers:

  • Did the movers arrive on time?
  • Did the movers exercise care and caution when handling your belongings?
  • Did the movers take precautions to ensure that nothing was damaged?
  • Did the movers work diligently from beginning to end or did it look like they were trying to extend the amount of time spend on your move on several occasions?
  • Were the movers friendly, nice, and sociable or were they cold, disrespectful and even rude occasionally?
  • Were the movers courteous and professional?

Naturally, you may have other indicators in mind to help you determine if you should tip your moving crew and how much of tip to give each one.

How much are you supposed to tip movers?

When it comes to gratuities, the service industry standard is 15% or more, based on the quality of service you were provided.  However, when it comes to tipping our movers, it’s not as cut and dried.  Ultimately, the amount of the tip you give each worker should reflect the difficulty of the move and the level of service provided.  A good rule to follow when tipping professional movers is $4 to $5 per mover for each hour they work.  The following should be considered customary:

  • $20 per mover for a half-day job of 4 hours or less
  • $40 per mover for an 8-hour day
  • $50 to $60 per mover for 12 hours or more

You should also take into consideration the number of items being moved, the number of bulky or oversized pieces, and whether the movers were required to carry boxes and furniture items up or down stairs.  If this is the case, consider increasing the tip amount.  Just remember, tipping movers isn’t mandatory or an obligation.  However, if they did a good job, by all means, tip them and you can be sure that they will appreciate your gesture.

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