Moving Family Heirloom

Moving Family Heirloom: Everything to Know From Packing to Unpacking

Almost everyone owns one or more valuables that have passed from one generation to another. For example, if you inherited a china cabinet with a matching buffet from your grandmother, it needs special care and attention when moving home. After all, it may be the only memorable thing about your grandmother. When it comes to family heirlooms, they are not only worth thousands of dollars but also come with priceless emotions.

Often, most of the antique pieces are delicate, which means they can get damaged easily. Thus, it is essential to let professional moving and storage companies in San Diego handle these valuables because they have the required experience, expertise, and equipment. Plus, whether you’re planning to relocate just across the city or out of the state, taking extra precautions is vital from your side.

Please remember, once your family heirloom gets damaged or breaks, it is non-replaceable. Thus, you need to be very careful when packing, handling, and unpacking your priceless items. If you have no idea about what you can do to protect your antique things when moving home, you’re on the right page. In this post, we will look at some ways to safeguard your family heritage during a move.

Confirm insurance coverage

The most crucial step that you need to consider before packing your family heirloom is confirming whether your potential moving company’s insurance policy covers the loss or damage during a home relocation. In some cases, home insurance policies may offer coverage to antique pieces, like pianos, chandeliers, rugs, painting, or furniture. On the other hand, you can add family heirloom to your existing insurance policy. However, in any case, make sure you cross-check if these items get coverage by your moving company’s insurance.

As a thumb rule, always specify your heirlooms when talking to your insurance representative and make sure appraised to receive fair compensation for any damage or loss. ashampoo burning studio 18 full version

Click pictures

Before you start packing your family heirloom, we urge you to take pictures. These pictures will act as proof of ownership when claiming insurance coverage in the event of loss or damage during the transit. It is vital because you need to provide the insurance company with evidence that you own an antique piece. The last thing you want to imagine is digging through your old pictures to find the photos of the heirloom. What if you failed to do so? Odds are you may misplace them when shifting home. For this reason, to be on the safer side, click some photographs.

Also, try to take pictures of your priceless items with your family members in them. It will work as solid proof of your ownership. Also, the photographs need to be clear enough.

Purchase sturdy and double-walled boxes

As mentioned already, some heirlooms are very delicate that they can easily break, which render them inoperable or reduce their market value drastically. So, if you don’t want anything like this to happen to you, use double-walled boxes and plenty of padding or wrapping for extra protection.

Things you need to consider when purchasing moving boxes for family heirlooms include sturdiness, firm edges, and high quality. You can use bubble wrap or cushioned furniture wrap to ensure the safety of your heritage throughout the moving process. For smaller heirlooms, you can use wood crates because they are sturdy and last longer.


Usually, antique pieces, such as furniture, painting, decor, or jewelry, come with beautiful finishes and designs. They are either made up of quality wood material or fragile glasses. Therefore, getting your heirlooms prepared is necessary to ensure a safe and successful move.

To begin with, cover the surfaces of your valuables as much as possible. If you’re looking for a spotless and scratch-free delivery of your furniture, remove the drawers and bring them with you in the car. Cover the pieces with several layers of wrapping using bubble wrap or any other wrapping material. The preparation and planning will pay you off in the longer run.

Carry smaller items with you

If you have smaller family heirlooms, such as coin and stamp collections, gold watches, medals and citations, achievement certificates, awards, antique pieces of jewelry, they shouldn’t be a problem. Instead of packing these items in the boxes and putting with other households in the truck, you can carry them with you when relocating your home. However, make sure you pack these items into an easily identifiable box to prevent it from mixing in with other containers.

Moving your smaller heirlooms with you not only gives you peace of mind but also offers you immediate possession. It means you do not have to keep waiting and worrying about the safety of family heirlooms until the arrival of your belongings.

Be careful with older heirloom

How much care and attention a specific heirloom needs when moving from one place to another will depend on its age? In simple words, if a particular item has passed down from generations, it may be more fragile and require special care and extra safety when packing.

Hire a piano mover

Most reputed residential movers in San Diego offer special services for moving a piano. Therefore, if your ancestors have left you a piano, which has a monetary value or priceless sentimental, you must take advantage of this service. If you’re wondering why you need to hire a separate piano mover, don’t worry. We are here to clear your doubt.

Generally, to move a piano, you require a wooden platform carrier, a truck that has an automated lift-gate, and workforce.  Therefore, whether your piano is inherited from your forefathers or you have purchased it recently, you need experts’ help to shift it from one place to another.

If you’re searching for experienced apartment movers in San Diego to relocate your family heirloom safely without fail, get in touch with professionals at Eckert’s Moving and Storage. We have helped numerous clients to move their inherited valuables without any dings and scratches.