Moving from Baltimore To San Diego

Moving from Baltimore To San Diego

If you are living in Baltimore, Maryland but planning to move to San Diego, California, you need to know that organizing an interstate move requires prior planning. Despite the allure that San Diego holds for many, a cross country move isn’t as easy as it sounds. San Diego is the eighth largest city in U.S and California’s second largest.  It’s known for its mild year-round climate, pristine golden beaches and is a well-known family entertainment hub. 

Now, that you are contemplating moving from Baltimore to San Diego, having the assistance of an experienced moving service such as Eckert’s Moving and Storage can be very beneficial.

Cost Of moving

When trying to budget for a cross-country move, there are certain factors that will influence the cost such as:

  • Distance
  • Moving services requested
  • Number of moving personnel needed
  • Size and weight of your shipment
  • Time of the year

Based on current statistics and the factors above, the average cost of moving from Baltimore to San Diego is between $2,200 and $5, 800. On average, the weight of a 2–3-bedroom home’s possessions are roughly 7,500 pounds.  Additionally, if you need to move a piano or a vehicle, there will be additional costs for these items.  

Moving assistance

With years of experience and excellent testimonials, we offer build-your-own-options to suit custom requirements. When you are moving from Baltimore to San Diego, there are multiple options of services that we provide, namely:

We know that moving from Baltimore to San Diego, is tedious and stressful. When you work with Eckert’s Moving and Storage, it helps you save time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your relocation. Here are some additional benefits to consider:

  • Honest pricing:  There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. All cost details are listed in your FREE quote. 
  • Adherence to timelinesWe do everything to ensure that your move is completed on-time and on-budget.
  • Safety is our priorityKeeping your possessions safe and secure during transit is our goal. Your belongings will be packed and loaded on our trucks in proper fashion so that everything arrives at your new location in the same condition, as when we picked everything up.

To get more information about our services or for a FREE no-obligation quote, call us today. Our business representatives are available to answer your doubts.