Moving from San Diego to Minneapolis

Moving from San Diego to Minneapolis

If you have already decided about moving from San Diego to Minneapolis, it is time to get excited about the new opportunities coming your way. Though the mild climate and beautiful beaches of San Diego were a plus, but the scenic beauty and variety of outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Minneapolis are astounding. Known as the ‘City of Lakes’, you can enjoy the water, along with low cost of living, vibrant culture and a slower paced Midwest lifestyle. 

Why Hire Full-Service Moving Company?

It makes sense to hire a professional moving company like Eckert’s Moving and Storage for moving from San Diego to Minneapolis as you are doing a long-distance move.  Even the closest friends and family may not be thrilled about, or able to help, with a move that is bigger and out of the immediate area. Many people find that they start seriously considering a professional moving company, if the new location is more than an hour away.

Naturally, hiring a professional mover will not be as cheap as doing a DIY move. It will, however, be the least stressful and the least physical taxing. You have the option to gather friends and family and load up multiple pick-up trucks to make your move. This can work, but you are dependent on everyone showing up on time and being available on the same day, which isn’t always possible.

Before the Movers Arrive

Though there is a lot to do before you move, our movers would really appreciate if you could pick up throw rugs or other items that could be a tripping risk to movers. Additionally, they can work faster if you can keep your children and pets out of the mover’s way, so they can do their job quickly and efficiently. We are quick and pack away each room and label the boxes accordingly. If there are any additional services needed, let us know before we start.

Budget your move from San Diego to Minneapolis

Money is an important consideration when deciding if to go with a moving company and which moving company to hire. Many people have a budget they need to stick to. We understand that and have set up a system to make it easier for you to determine how much it’ll cost you to hire us to transport your belongings. You can “Get a Quote” online at the website or schedule an in-house evaluation to get a written custom quote. Call us to know more about the services offered by Eckert’s Moving and Storage.