Moving from San Diego to Philadelphia

Moving from San Diego to Philadelphia

Of the top 10 states whose residents have chosen to relocate to Philadelphia, California ranks #1 overall while San Diego is #2 of the top ten cities moving there.  It’s interesting that despite the fact that tens of thousands leave Philadelphia every year, even more move there and make it their new home.  Why not let Eckert’s Moving and Storage show you how stress-free moving to the City of Brotherly Love from the southern California coast can be.

Why do San Diegans move to Philadelphia?

Most individuals would think that the primary reason for moving from San Diego to Philadelphia is job-related.  While that’s partially correct, it isn’t as significant as the reasons we’ve listed below.  Philadelphia recently moved into 6th place on the top 10 list of largest cities in the US.  Interestingly enough, Philly has all the amenities of a large city yet it still maintains that small town charm.  Here are some other reasons that people are moving from San Diego to Philadelphia:

  • arts, culture, and music
  • beaches, mountains, and parks (something for everyone)
  • dining and drinking venues
  • dozens of institutions of higher learning
  • historical significance
  • more affordable housing

It’s no wonder that people choose to give up the high-priced California lifestyle for something more metropolitan and affordable.  Thus, if you’re planning on moving from San Diego to Philadelphia, Eckert’s Moving and Storage can customize a moving and relocation solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

How do you benefit from hiring a full-service moving company?

As the name implies a full-service moving company provides a broader range of moving services than regular companies that only provide the basic loading and unloading services.  Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re talking about a coast to coast move of nearly 2,700 miles.  That’s why it pays to hire a moving company that can provide all the services you need such as all packing materials, disassembling furniture items, and helping with the packing. We know that you need all the help that you can to settle in a new city and we’ll shoulder the responsibility of delivering your goods safely.

When it comes to moving from San Diego to Philadelphia, this is a job that is best left to the professionals at Eckert’s Moving and Storage.  If you need clarifications, our business representatives are available for your assistance. Call us today at (888) 274-7230.