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Moving Your Home: 5 Efficient Ways to Pack Your Clothes

Shifting home comes with opportunities to start a brand new life and opens up several doors. Isn’t it exciting? Indeed, it is. But moving also brings along the significant pain of deciding which clothes to pack and how to pack them without getting them wrinkled. Also, most homeowners have difficulty figuring out whether to keep a particular piece of cloth or throw it away, especially when it comes to a favorite clothing piece.

From de-cluttering to packing your clothes in boxes and labeling them correctly, all this might seem like a hassle. But with the right preparations and expert packing tips in San Diego, you can ensure a painless and stress-free packing and moving your clothes. Are you wondering where to look for tips to pack clothes? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you.

It is always advisable to start packing your clothes earlier to make things more organized than just grabbing them and putting a wrong-sized box, which will become messy.

#1. Decide what clothes you’re packing

One secret to keeping your clothes organized and wrinkle-free when moving is sorting them according to how often you use them. It will not only save you money and time but will also help you unpack your clothes conveniently. So now, take all your clothes and sort them into three categories, such as packing, donating or selling, and throwing. Often, most people get confused about, which clothes to keep or which ones to donate. If you’re stuck in such a dilemma, we have explained everything about how to de-clutter your clothes.

Avoid packing clothes that are:

  • Torn or worn out
    • Out of trend or fashion
    • Not fitting you or your children anymore
    • Useless for the climate of your new state or country

Apart from this, you also leave those clothes you haven’t worn in six months. If you are wondering what to do with these clothes, we have a few solutions for you, such as:

  • Sell them
    • Donate them to charity
    • Throw them away

#2. Choose clothes for a moving day

When it comes to clothes for your moving day, pick something light and comfortable. Also, consider the weather and be prepared for unexpected weather changes such as rain. Once you figure out what you will wear during the move, keep them aside in a handy bag. Apart from this, also keep towels, sleepwear, and undergarments handy for the first day at your new home, as it is not possible to unpack your belongings after an exhausting day.

#3. Prepare your clothes

With prior knowledge of how to pack your pack, you can avoid stress at the time of unpacking them. Therefore, wash all your clothes before you start packing them. After this, separate them in order of the least used to the daily used clothing pieces. For example, pack your party wear attire and non-seasonal clothes first. As a thumb rule, do not pack the clothes that you need before a moving day.

#4. Group your clothes by material, season, or type

The next step is grouping your clothes by material, season or type to further make packing more organized.

  • Material – Cotton and natural fabrics can get wrinkled. And if you don’t want to iron them after the move, use hangers and clothing bags to cover them. On the other hand, winter clothes can take up more space. Therefore, to avoid any future shortage, buy extra boxes. Meanwhile, you can stuff synthetic and polyester clothes into boxes because they don’t get creased.
  • Season – For instance, if you’re moving during the winter season, you can pack the summer clothes first and keep your woolen clothes handy. In this way, you can unpack your winter clothes right away after arriving in your new house.
  • Type – Each cloth has different needs, which means you can’t pack your sundress the same way you pack your jeans. Thus, sorting your clothes is the best decision to ensure their safety.

#5. Packing clothes

So now, you are done sorting your clothes according to material, use, type, and season, it is the right time to start packing. Follow these tricks to pack your clothes without any wrinkles and creases.

  • Pack clothes in the dresser as is it

You can pack lighter clothes such as undergarments and socks in your dresser without emptying it. However, you need to confirm if it’s fine to move the dresser along with its items and use a stretch wrap to secure the dresser. Well, this is best if you’re moving within the city.

  • Use boxes with hanging rack

Wardrobe boxes are another effective way to move your clothes without wrinkles. Never heard about these types of boxes? Typically, these boxes are tall and come with a hanging rack and protect your clothes from dirt and dust. Plus, wardrobe boxes are quite easier to use than regular packing boxes.

  • Pack clothes in suitcases

Anyways, you’ll be moving your travel bags or suitcases to your new house, so why not use them for packing your clothes. This way, you will not only relocate your clothes safely but can also find out your clothes without any inconvenience.

  • Use garbage or vacuum bags

You can use garbage or vacuum bags to cover your clothes and protect them from getting dirty during the transit. To use these bags, you have to make a hole in the bottom of the bag and pull out a hanger with clothes. Either use a twist-tie or tie a knot to secure a hole at the bottom.

If you want to make more space, use vacuum-sealed bags. Firstly, these bags can hold more clothes. Secondly, by taking all the air out of these bags, you can shrink them, which will take less space.

  • Regular boxes

Well, you can also use regular moving boxes to pack your clothes, but make sure you label them correctly.

The bottom line

With these packing tips, you can move your clothes safely and without getting wrinkled and dirty from your current house to the new one. Thus, when you unpack your belongings, you will not have any problem finding your clothes, and there will be no need to wash and iron them.

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