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Relocating Office: The Essential Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Move

We have always emphasized on having a proper plan and getting things organized to ensure successful office relocation. When we talk about the nature of office relocation, it is more complicated than a residential move, which makes it obvious to be careful during an office move. In addition to this, office relocation is rarely predictable. Thus, it becomes crucial to have a master moving plan before you start the moving process.

Did we mention the choice of your office movers in San Diego also plays an essential role in making your impending move stress free? So, always make a mindful decision when choosing your moving company, as many fraudulent movers trap people with tactics like discounted services or cheap office moving services. But in the end, they charge more money in the name of hidden moving costs.

We understand the fact that no two commercial spaces are the same and each one has specific needs and requirements. Therefore, we have listed below some basic dos and don’ts to ensure a hassle-free and successful move.

The dos of an office move

  • Create a moving timeline and include task delegation so that you don’t miss out on anything important.
  • Communication is primary for a successful office move. Therefore, make sure you interact with your employees about the upcoming move through meetings, memos, emails, etc.
  • Before you pack main office equipment and machines, make sure they are disconnected properly, as most of them are sensitive and delicate. Thus, they require the utmost care when handling, packing, and moving.
  • Instead of asking your moving professionals, pack your office inventory on your own. While most reliable movers and packers are insured, they are not held responsible for any damage or breakage to items like computer discs, wallets, and personal files.
  • Confirm with your movers and packers in San Diego whether they move living plants or not, and then consider packing them.
  • Hire a full-service office relocation company, which offers services like packing, moving, and unpacking. It will free up your and your employees’ time to focus on the core functions of the business.
  • Pack and transport your vertical cabinets without emptying them.
  • Stick to the specific move “tags” that are provided by your movers and packers. No matter how expensive or cheap the item is, having a tag is crucial for transporting from one place to another. Make sure you put the tag on everything, from floor mats to computer cables, typewriters, trash cans, individual computer components, and more, as items without tags cannot be moved. Also, make sure the tags are easily noticeable to your prospective office movers. For example, you can tag chairs on the backrest, bookcases on top, file and storage cabinets on the front top, and desks, boxes, tables, and credenzas on the ends.
  • Remove all the contents of desks.
  • Leave the contents of lateral cabinets full after every two drawers.
  • Consult your vendor or manufacturer before moving your copy machine because they are pretty sensitive and likely to break if not handled with care.
  • Label your boxes rightly on each side using a numbering system or the contents and the rooms of your new office. 
  • Disconnect all mechanical and electrical equipment personally to avoid any future mistakes. You can also hire specific arrangements for this purpose.
  • Pack and secure personal items in a separate bag like computer discs, money, and other valuables, and move them in your vehicle.
  • Use step-ladders when loading and unloading the moving truck.
  • Pack heavy items in separate boxes to distribute the weight more evenly, which will ensure the protection of your items during the transit.

Don’ts of an office move

  • The first and foremost don’t is to avoid procrastinating at all costs. Often, a lack of planning not only results in losing valuable time but also money.
  • Do not wait for the last minute to notify your employees, associate partners, clients, and customers about office relocation. Doing this will lead to confusion, which may hurt your upcoming move.
  • Instruct your employees not to leave any items in the desks and clear off the workstations well in advance.
  • Make sure you do not empty your vertical cabinets, as they should be moved fully.
  • Do not pack your expensive living plants and keep them with other boxes in the back of your moving truck, which is too hot for plants to survive.
  • Do not use your name when labeling, marking, and tagging your moving boxes, instead use a specific number, as assigned by your movers.
  • Avoid using cheap packing supplies to save money, as it will cost you money in the long run.
  • On a moving day, try to wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and instruct your employees to do the same.

The bottom line

Shifting your office to a new place is not an overnight process, it requires weeks or even months of planning and preparations to move your office valuables successfully without causing any damage and breakage. Apart from hiring an experienced moving company, you can also follow these basic dos and don’ts for a smooth moving process. If you wish to have a hassle-free moving experience for your next corporate relocation in San Diego, get in touch with Eckert’s Moving and Storage. We house a team with years of experience and expertise in moving corporate offices, both short-distance and long-distance. Contact us today, and get a free moving estimation.