What Should Be on Your Moving Checklist?

What Should Be on Your Moving Checklist?

You’ve probably talked with individuals about the different experiences they had when moving.  Some raved about how smoothly everything went for them while others told nightmarish tales of bad service, damaged belongings, or an overall stressful moving experience.  Chances are, those who had pleasant experiences entrusted their move to experience and skills of a professional moving team, like Eckert’s Moving and Storage

Thus, if you’re hopeful that you have a similar experience when relocating to your new home, you should start planning and preparing well in advance of your moving date.  Knowing how to properly prepare for moving day well before the movers arrive at your home isn’t rocket science.  However, it does require being confident that you haven’t forgotten, neglected, or overlooked any of the important aspects of the preparation.

Even if you have scheduled your relocation with a full-service moving company like Eckert’s Moving and Storage, you’ll save a lot of time and stress by having a moving checklist that includes all of the following (not necessarily in this order):

Start notifying: It is important to start notifyingthe utility companies, landlord, local school, subscription agencies, post service about the change in address and the impending move. This needs to be done at least 2-3 weeks before you actually move.

Clean and organize – make sure everything you pack has been cleaned and is in good condition.  You don’t want damaged items, dirty appliances, or stained fabrics coming into contact with delicate or new items.

De-clutter your home – sort out those belongings that you aren’t going to need at your new home, those items that you’ve long forgotten about, and an assortment of items that you’re either going to donate or sell.

Find out what the movers will not ship – the list of items that movers won’t transport is fairly long.  However, it’s basically three categories of items including hazardous materials, perishables, and sentimental items.

Get insurance –all moving companies including Eckert’s Moving and Storage offer basic valuation coverage at 60¢ per pound, which isn’t much.  We always recommend that customers purchase moving insurance from a 3rd party insurer. Although chances are less that there is any damage while in transit as we take care, but just to ensure that your belongings are covered under all circumstances can help you stay stress-free.

Label every box – you can use color-codes as well as labels on pre-packed boxes or anything else that you want handled with the utmost care. Additionally, it helps to mark the boxes as per the room. If you have packed dishware or kitchen accessories, marking them accordingly will help you unpack in a more organized manner.

Make an inventory – you’ll want an inventory of everything that coincides with your moving checklist so the movers have an easier time with things.  Not only will this be very useful when it comes to organizing everything for moving day, it will be your proof of everything you entrusted to the movers.

Plan for your children and pets – if you have children and pets, we recommend you make arrangements to have them stay with a relative or personal friend until we have finished and are on our way to your new location.  This not only ensures their safety; it helps the process proceed without too many interruptions.

Pre-pack your smaller items – small items should be kept neat and tidy.  You can put them in plastic bags (the sealable type) so they don’t get lost or thrown about while in transit.  This stuff will delay the movers, so be sure to handle it beforehand.

Separate items – if there are items that you don’t want Eckert’s Moving and Storage to pack and load, keep them separate from everything else.  You can designate one of the rooms in your home as a “no-pack/no-entry” room to make things easier.

Be present when the movers arrive – all of the planning and preparation mentioned here will come in handy when moving day arrives.  However, it’s important someone be there when the Eckert’s Moving and Storage team arrives.  We always appreciate having a responsible adult present to oversee things and provide important information.

On a closing note, we always appreciate when customers have drinks and snacks available for our movers.  After all, heavy lifting and loading trucks is hard work.  Plus, a small gratuity is always a kind gesture for their efforts as well. 

If you have been stressing about the impending move, all you need to do is call us and we’ll shoulder the responsibility of your relocation completely. For more information about other items to include on your moving checklist, contact Eckert’s Moving and Storage at (888) 274-7230 today.