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COVID-19: Safety Tips to Follow While Moving Your Office Space Abroad

After the worldwide spread of COVID-19, health has become a primary concern than ever. Today, people are not only skeptical about moving abroad but also across the town and interstate.

Thus, practicing social distancing has become mandatory at all times to prevent further spread.

However, steadily government organizations throughout the globe are lifting the lockdown to ease the movement of goods and humans across borders. As a result, people are returning to their work, of course, by adhering to strict social distancing norms.

On the other hand, people are resuming their previously canceled overseas move.

If you have a pending commercial move that you’re thinking to resume, but have no idea how to maintain your and your employee’s safety, don’t worry! We are here to help you to have safe international office relocation. While your reliable international movers in San Diego will explain crucial safety measures to take during your moving journey, meanwhile, you can go through three tips to stay safe during your office move:

Hire a moving company that follows COVID-19 safety guidelines

Now, we all know the best way to protect yourself from getting infected with the Corona Virus is taking precautionary measures and maintaining social distance. The first individuals that may come in contact with you and your employees are moving professionals. Therefore, work with a moving company that strictly practices COVID-19 safety guidelines such as maintaining 6-feet distance, wearing safety gear, regularly checking their workers’ temperature in the morning and evening. Plus, make sure they wash or sanitize their hands at each entry.

Take the necessary precautions when moving

As you’re relocating your commercial office abroad, there is no way you can avoid flying. At this scary time, flying in planes is no fun. For this reason, most people are avoiding planes to reach their destinations. But if you don’t have any alternative, make sure you and your employees take the much-needed precautions when flying. Please, do not worry about the risks, as airport authorities are also taking measures on their end for passengers’ safety. 

Translate medical documents into the native language of your destination

There is a probability that your first-language is different from the country you’re moving to, so get your medical documents translated. It will save you time at the airport and when consulting a new doctor. Please remember, to inform your employees about this well in advance.

Apart from this, if any of your employees have an ongoing health condition, prevent them from moving abroad.

Additionally, make sure you and your employees moving abroad are up-to-date with other travel vaccines.

If you want to boost your moving experience while ensuring your’ and your employees’ safety, get in touch with Eckert’s Moving and Storage. We are one of the leading commercial movers in Southern California, delivering top-notch and secure moving solutions, even in this hard time.