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Moving Out Of the State: A Few Questions to Ask Your Long-Distance Movers

Whether you’re getting divorced or moving to a new state due to your job, having a safe and hassle-free move must be your top priority. People who already have experience working with the state to state movers would know how to determine if a prospective moving company is reliable or not. But for a first-timer, it may take a bit of extra work to find the best long-distance movers.

Now, you must be wondering, how do I find the most suitable movers for my upcoming move amidst plenty of options available online? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you. In this post, we will give you a few questions to ask your preferred interstate moving company before signing any agreement.

Here is a list of questions to ask a moving company.

Are you experienced movers?

Remember, earning a good reputation in the moving industry isn’t a one night game. A company has to offer reliable moving services for several years and win customers’ trust with their unmatched support and transparent policies. It doesn’t mean they will not have their share of failure, of course, they will, but they learn from those mistakes to become better than yesterday.

Also, when it comes to moving from one state to another, the requirements are not the same as a local move. For instance, to move belongings out of state, the company needs to have additional licenses and paperwork. Therefore, you should never trust your valuables to newbies.

Do you have a license and insurance to operate legally interstate?

When hiring long-distance movers, having a license and insurance to operate legally is of utmost importance and avoid any unforthcoming losses or trouble. Therefore, you must ask your moving company if they are well-insured and licensed and request them a proof of the same. The top interstate moving companies will not hesitate to provide you with their insurance and license because they value customers and their investments.

Do you offer a detailed estimation in writing?

One thing you should know before making a final decision is that a verbal guarantee or estimate has no value in the moving industry. Thus, when evaluating the best long-distance movers for your home move, make sure you’re comparing the costs based on the written estimation. The highly reputed cross country movers provide their customers with a complete estimate in writing by breaking down everything they are quoting.

Does your company have good online reviews?

Excellent and satisfying services always result in positive reviews from customers. So, choose an interstate moving company with more positive reviews on their website and other official websites for moving services in the United States like FMCSA. You can also check customer testimonials and reviews on Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau.

These are just a few examples that will help you make the right decision. But you can ask as many questions as possible to your long-distance movers until you’re satisfied with your choice. If you feel the answers were not clear, it’s better to skip to your next option than being sorry.

The final thought

These questions are basic, yet crucial when deciding whether your state to state movers can meet your needs or not. Also, staying away from scammers is as essential as choosing the right moving company. After all, you don’t want to pay moving charges double than what you expected. Lastly, never sign any agreement without reading their terms and conditions, or else consequences can be severe. If you’re looking for an experienced interstate moving company in San Diego that guarantees coverage in the event of lost or damaged items, Eckert’s Moving and Storage has got your back. Call us today to get a free quote.