Fragile Stemware and Wine Glasses

How to Pack Wine Glasses and Fragile Stemware when Moving

Whether you’re moving for personal or professional reasons and are planning on doing all the packing yourself, you probably have some concerns about how to ensure the protection and safety of certain items.  This is especially true when it comes to knowing how to pack wine glasses and other fragile stemware.  Due to their thinness and unique shape, wine glasses are extremely delicate and highly prone to breakage.  So how do you prevent them from getting broken or chipped while in transit? Eckert’s Moving and Storage has several suggestions for you to consider.

Are you packing your wine glasses in boxes with dividers?

Although those box dividers add stability and create an extra layer of protection, you still need to apply the basic packing fundamentals such as creating paper cushioning in between the layers.  Furthermore, don’t skimp on using extra paper when padding the top and bottom of the box.  If by some chance, you wind up with extra dividers (it’s a stretch, but you might), use them at the top and bottom of the box to add more protection and stability. autocad 2010 crack only

What if you don’t have any dividers when packing your wine glasses?

Remember, Eckert’s Moving and Storage can assist with packing your items, and that includes fragile stemware and wine glasses packed without dividers as well as with them.  The first step in understanding how to pack Mirroring360 License Key wine glasses starts with the most fragile part of the glass – the stem.  Keep in mind that all the paper cushioning in the world isn’t going to protect the stem if it’s subjected to too much pressure while in transit.  So what’s the secret to keeping the stem from snapping?

First and foremost, the longer the stem, the more crucial it is to wrap it with plenty of paper.  Remember, the emptier space you have around the stem, the greater the chance that they will get broken from uneven pressure generated within the box.  idm download crack The key is to counteract any lateral or sideways pressure.  Just using a bunch of crumpled up tissue or wrapping paper isn’t going to solve that issue.  You have to pack enough paper in and around each glass to ensure that it won’t get broken or chipped.

Is newspaper a good cushioning and packing material?

The moving and relocation specialists at Eckert’s Moving and Storage have all been skillfully trained in the safe and secure packing of your belongings and that includes your fancy stemware and wine glasses.  We’ve discussed using or not using dividers when packing your fragile glassware.  What about the cushioning and packing material? If you’re thinking about using crumbled up newspapers DON’T!

While most people commonly assume that newspaper is a good material to use for cushioning and packing fragile stemware, they fail to realize that newspaper ink wears off easily and can also be greasy.  If you want proof of that, wad up a full or half sheet of newspaper and then look at your hands when you’re done.  Just think of what it will do to your glassware.  Invest in tissue or wrapping paper instead.

Have you considered using bubble wrap as well?

Bubble wrap is an excellent protective measure to consider as well, but only after you’ve wrapped and stuffed your stemware and wine glasses with tissue or plain wrapping paper.  This will definitely add an extra layer of protection and prevent any breakage while in transit.  Just be sure that you have used plenty of paper beforehand because bubble wrap alone won’t adequately cushion fragile glassware and damage can still result.

Is it necessary to write “FRAGILE” on more than one side of the box?

Absolutely!  Although you might think that just writing the word “FRAGILE” on the top of the box will be sufficient, you can’t assume that it will be immediately visible to the person loading the box onto the moving truck.  Although our moving and relocation specialists are fully bonded and insured, they are, after all, only human.  If you want to ensure that heavier boxes won’t be piled on top of them, write “FRAGILE” on several sides of the box. All of these techniques are the same techniques that you should use for all fragile items such as the ones you find at English Bulldog Antiques Brighton.

And if you entrust packing your glassware to us, you can be sure that we’ll do it professionally, ensuring that everything is packed for complete safety during transit. Our crew will ensure that all boxes marked fragile are placed separately and securely so that your belongings arrive safely at the new destination.

For more information on how to pack wine glasses, or for any packing assistance, for the impending move, call Eckert’s Moving and Storage today at (888) 274-7230 or send us a message by clicking here. Call us now!

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