Why should You hire Furniture Movers?

Why should You hire Furniture Movers?

If there’s one thing the specialists at Eckert’s Moving and Storage understand, it’s that any type of move small of large can be extremely stressful.  When it comes to moving locally or long-distance, there are so many questions to answer such as:

  • Can I hire moving labor to load and unload the rental truck?
  • Can I just hire someone to assist with packing?
  • Should I consider a DIY move or hire full-service movers?
  • Will I need help moving furniture?

What do full-service movers do?

While these are just a handful of the numerous questions that may arise when you are planning to move, there is no single one that is more or less important than the others.  As full-service movers, Eckert’s Moving and Storage will perform any task associated with your relocation including:

  • providing all moving and packing materials
  • disassembling your bulkier furniture items
  • helping you pack your belongings
  • loading the truck
  • transporting your items
  • assisting with the clean-up once the move is done

However, you can choose an all-inclusive move where our specialists handle every task related to your move or pick and choose whatever service works best for you.  For instance, if you want to handle all of the furniture disassembly or packing your items, but you still want us to load and unload the truck, that’s fine too.

Do you just need help moving furniture in-home?

Eckert’s Moving and Storage can assist when you just need help with in-home furniture moving.  If you need help moving furniture in your apartment building, apartment complex, or your existing home, we’ve got you covered there, too.  One of the many aspects of our company that separates us from the competition is the extensive range of moving and relocation services that we provide.  Consider us if you only need us to help you move some furniture in any of the above structures:

  • Moving between apartments in the same building isn’t always easy, especially if you have to deal with going up or down stairs.  It’s much easier if your hire professionals.
  • Moving between apartments, condos, or townhomes in the same complex may not require a moving truck but still might require professional help.
  • Moving furniture in your existing home may be difficult if you’re physically incapable of doing any heavy lifting.  Call Eckert’s Moving and Storage.  We’ll be glad to take care of all your furniture moving needs.

Sometimes, you only need furniture moved and can handle everything else.  When you do need that assistance, give us a call.  We’ll assist in any way we can.  Whether you need help moving furniture, packing up your belongings, or transporting an entire houseful across town, across the state, or across the country, we are just a phone call or an e-mail away.

Why should you always hire professionals when moving?

Hiring a professional moving team increases the chances of having a smoother, stress-free transition into your new home.  It also ensures that you and your loved ones won’t be at risk of getting injured during the moving process.  AtEckert’s Moving and Storage, our specialists have been skillfully trained in all aspects of local and long-distance commercial or residential moves.  In addition to this, here are 5 reasons why you should always hire professionals when moving:

  • Accountability – when it comes to ensuring all of your furniture and belongings arrive at your new home undamaged and in good condition, we hold ourselves accountable for your move.
  • Efficiency – when it comes to handling heavier, bulky items like large furniture pieces and heavy boxes, we’re more efficient when it comes to loading and unloading our truck as well as helping you pack your belongings.
  • Experience – we help people move on a daily basis.  That means we’re experienced with every facet of the relocation process.  As professionals, we are very efficient and have been trained to handle any situation that arises.
  • Safety – hiring Eckert’s Moving and Storage will result in a safer moving experience for you and your loved ones.  We know what it takes to protect your items and eliminate the possibility of anything getting damaged.
  • Your peace of mind – most importantly, we provide you with peace of mind knowing that we are skillfully trained professionals who will ensure the safe and secure handling and transporting of your items.

Do you need help moving furniture? Do you need help moving an entire household? We are right here waiting to assist you move that old piano or the vintage furniture pieces that cannot be dismantled. Our crew understands how difficult it can be to bring the pieces of furniture down the stairs.

Thus, we’d suggest you don’t try to do it alone but call on one of the best movers in town – Eckert’s Moving and Storage. Call us at (888) 274-7230 today.