Moving from San Diego to Phoenix

What You should know about Moving from San Diego to Phoenix

If you’ve been researching moving companies from San Diego to Phoenix, welcome to Eckert’s Moving and Storage, the industry leader in long-distance relocations from California to Arizona.  We are the full-service, go-to San Diego to Phoenix moving and relocation specialists and are available to accommodate your needs 7 days a week.  No matter what your reason for moving to Phoenix from San Diego, you can be assured that your furniture and belongings will be safe and secure while in our care.

What should you know before moving to Phoenix from San Diego?

If you’ve been thinking about relocating to Phoenix from San Diego, you’re not alone as many San Diegans along with other Californians have made that move to escape the high cost of living in the (not so) Golden State.  The first thing you need to do is research the different moving companies from San Diego to Phoenix and the type of relocation services you’ll need.  At Eckert’s Moving and Storage, we offer an extensive line of services that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.  In other words, we can handle anything and everything associated with your move.

Why do San Diegans and other Californians relocate to Phoenix?

Phoenix is nicknamed “The Valley of the Sun” and for good reason.  Over 16 million people visit Phoenix on an annual basis to enjoy the luxurious spas, resorts, and the weather.  Furthermore, you’ll find some amazing dining and shopping venues here as well.  Here are 10 reasons to consider moving here and comparing moving companies from San Diego to Phoenix prices:

  • As the home of the PGA’s Phoenix Open and with all 4 pro sports represented, Phoenix is a sports fan’s paradise.
  • From ballet and the symphony to Broadway and the theater, you’ll quickly discover that Phoenix has the arts and culture covered.
  • Moving to the Arizona desert means having chuckwallas, coyotes, desert tortoises, Gila monsters, scorpions, wild pigs, and lots of snakes for neighbors.  But not to worry.  These critters pretty much avoid the city life.
  • Nightlife in Phoenix features an abundance of cocktail bars, comedy clubs, dive bars, lounges, and nightclubs.
  • Phoenix has long been recognized as having some of the best and most authentic Mexican food this side of the border.
  • Phoenix is a great place to launch an entrepreneurial start-up.  However, there are also 5 Fortune 500 companies that have their headquarters here.
  • Thanks to 20 miles of affordable rail transportation, bike-friendly commutes, and an easy-to-navigate road system, traffic issues are rarely a concern.
  • The mountainous desert terrain combined with the weather make for outstanding biking, cycling, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, and tubing adventures.
  • With the surrounding cities of Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe and Lake Mead, Las Vegas, Mexico, and northern Arizona all within a day’s drive, you’ll have numerous choices for weekend getaways.
  • You’ll enjoy nearly 300 days of sunshine annually.

Not bad for a city located in the middle of the desert.  How’s that for reasons to start researching moving companies from San Diego to Phoenix?

How much does it cost to move from San Diego to Phoenix?

On average, a long-distance move of this nature will cost between $2,400 and $5,000 depending on several factors that moving companies from San Diego to Phoenix take into consideration.  The greater the distance, the more it will cost you to hire professional movers.  The 5 factors that have the most influence on the cost of a long-distance move include:

  • distance from the origination point to your destination
  • how much moving labor is needed
  • moving services that you request
  • size of your home and shipping weight of your belongings
  • time of year you decide to move

Taking the factors above and moving industry historical data into consideration, here are some moving cost estimates based on the size of your home:

  • 1-bedroom home – $850 to $2,300
  • 2 to 3-bedroom home – $1,300 to $4,000
  • 4 to 5-bedroom home – $2,000 to $5,700 or more

Again, it’s important to remember that these are averages based on historical moving industry data.  Just be aware that the cost of your move could fall within or out of those price ranges.  However, it always helps to shop and compare costs with other moving services before you lock in a moving service. We are transparent in our dealings and ensure that only after an in-house evaluation that we provide our clients with a written quote. This will help you budget the move better.

For additional information regarding moving companies from San Diego to Phoenix rates, call Eckert’s Moving and Storage at (888) 274-7230 today. Our business representatives will walk you through the process.