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Professional Long Distance Moving

Eckert’s Moving and Storage is an industry leading long-distance moving company that has been in business over 50 years.  With our experienced moving coordinators, a fully equipped fleet of trucks and vans, and professional movers, we have the ability to move you and your entire household to any destination in the continental US.  As the preferred long-distance movers in San Diego, we have the expertise to alleviate your stress and ensure that you have a pleasant, worry-free moving experience.

What’s the best choice? DIY moving or professional long-distance moving?

You have a ton of decisions to make when moving long distance including what house to buy, what furniture to move with you, and so on.  But the most important decision may be deciding between a DIY move or hiring long distance movers in San Diego.  For short cross-town moves or even relocating to another nearby city, you can probably get away with recruiting some family members and/or friends to help you with the move. But the chances of damage are high as they might not be proficient at packing the goods properly. Any laxity on anyone’s part can cause damages worth thousands of dollars. Is it worth skimping on hiring professional movers?

On the other hand, long-distance moves are much more complex and often require the experience and expertise of skilled professionals.  Making this decision will depend on several factors.  A DIY move puts you in total control, allows you to pack your belongings anyway you want, and saves you money.  Conversely, it takes a lot of planning and requires a lot of heavy lifting.  Not to mention the fact that unexpected problems could arise and cause you some additional expense.

Conversely, professional services of long-distance movers in San Diego are more efficient and eliminate the need for heavy lifting on your behalf.  Furthermore, it means less stress and worry for you.  The only drawback is that this option limits your control and will cost you more money.   However, in most cases where long-distance moving is concerned, hiring Eckert’s Moving and Storage is well worth the expense when you consider that there won’t be much mental and physical stress for you to deal with.

How much do long distance move cost?

The cost of a long-distance move will vary based on a number of different factors that must be considered when giving you an estimate.  As an example, it would cost an average of $4,800 to move a 2- or 3-bedroom household 1,000 miles.  The key is to factor in all possible moving costs when estimating the cost of your move.  We take the following into consideration:

  • date of the move (time of year)
  • moving add-ons (disassembling and re-assembling furniture, moving specialty items, moving supplies, etc.)
  • packing services (if required)
  • size of the move (total weight of belongings)
  • travel fees (fuel and labor costs)

Will my belongings be protected against damage and loss?

As long-distance movers in San Diego, Eckert’s Moving and Storage is required by federal law to offer customers Full Value Protection (FVP) and Released Value Protection.  The cost of FVP varies by moving company so be sure to inquire about this no matter who you choose to move you.  Released Value Protection is the most basic liability coverage and is included in the cost of moving.  Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum when it comes to protecting your belongings.  If you want more extensive coverage, you should consider paying for FVP. You can call our customer care service and know more about the service.

What can I do in order to be prepared for moving day?

Although long distance movers in San Diego are the most convenient relocation option, Eckert’s Moving and Storage offers the following suggestions to ensure that you are prepared for moving day.  Naturally we are competent and knowledgeable when it comes to moving people and their belongings long distance.  Here are some suggestions for what you can do when preparing for moving day:

  • Create an inventory checklist of everything that you’re moving
  • Designate the items you don’t want the movers to pack
  • Determine which belongings are going with you and which ones you’re going to donate to a charity or sell
  • Purchase additional moving insurance
  • Disassemble, empty out, and unplug all items that this applies to
  • Have drinks and snacks available for movers
  • Don’t forget to tip the movers when they’ve finished

For more information about our long-distance movers in San Diego or to schedule an estimate for your move, call Eckert’s Moving and Storage today. We are available 24/7 every day of the week to answer your queries and assisting you through your move. Call us now and let’s start the process.

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