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Whether its multiple offices occupying an entire building or a single person operation, relocating a business can be extremely stressful and time-consuming.  At Eckert’s Moving and Storage we provide efficient, cost-effective office movers services in San Diego for businesses of all sizes.  With our experience and expertise, we can have your business back up and running with as little disruption to your daily operations as possible.  We understand that every company has unique demands where relocating their business operations is concerned.

What should be done when preparing to move your office?

Compared to a residential move, there is considerably more planning and preparation involved when moving your office and relocating your business.  Office moves are often extremely challenging.  Nothing is easy when it comes to relocating a business, no matter what industry sector it’s a part of.  Additionally, packing and moving extensive amounts of electronics, documents and furniture can be tedious and time-consuming. From dismantling to reassembling, it can take time and effort, but our crew is willing to go that extra mile to ensure that everything goes by the book. The key to moving an office is developing a plan and getting organized long before moving day.  Here is the timeline that we suggest at Eckert’s Moving and Storage:

  • 6 months before moving – plan the logistics of your move by determining the type of moving insurance you need, getting quotes from office movers in San Diego companies, reviewing your current lease, and setting up a moving budget.
  • 3 to 4 months before moving – start developing your plan once you have established the moving date, notify your landlord, notify your employees, and notify any partners or suppliers about the move.
  • 2 months before moving – arrange for internet and phone installation, create a floor plan for your new location, and make arrangements for your computers and IT systems to be set up.
  • 1 month before moving – create your change of address list and send out e-mails to everyone on the list; inventory your equipment, furniture, and office supplies; and start accumulating your moving supplies.  Arrange to have your office cleaned once you’ve moved everything out.
  • 2 weeks before moving – confirm the set-up date for your computers and IT services as well as the installations of internet and phone services.  Finalize plans with the office movers service in San Diego you’ve chosen for the move.  Now is the time to start spring cleaning and paring down any outdated décor and run-down furniture.
  • 1 week before moving – go over the moving schedule and remind employees to start packing up and removing their personal items.  Visit your new office and inspect it for exposed wiring, lights that aren’t working, and any other problems you see so you can have everything corrected before moving day.
  • 1 day before moving – finish up packing and labeling boxes.  If employees have parking passes and security cards, collect and deactivate them.

How much will it cost to move your office?

It’s crucial that you prepare financially when moving your office and relocating your business.  You could be spending up to $5,000 on the low end for moving a small size office and up to $10,000+ for a larger business with a minimum of 25 employees.  Last minute planning or procrastinating could lead to unforeseen expenses that you hadn’t planned on such as after-hours assistance, disruptions to your daily business operations, weekend labor costs, and so on.

Why should you have professionals move your office?

Whether you have to move your office because your business is growing or your lease will be expiring, hiring professional office movers’ services in San Diego is always the best way to go.  Moving your office and relocating your business can be overwhelming and stressful without professional help.  Professional office movers have been trained in all facets of commercial moves and possess the necessary skills to streamline your office move process while saving you time and money in the process. This leaves you with more time to handle other aspects of your office work, which maybe equally important.

Why should you choose Eckert’s Moving and Storage to move your office?

Eckert’s Moving and Storage offers the most competitive office moving rates in the industry and provides commercial customers with efficient office moving and business relocation solutions in the western US.  As dedicated and highly trained professionals, we have many years of combined experience and expertise in the moving industry as one of the top movers in San Diego.  Our customers put their trust in us when it comes to moving their office and relocating their business.  To learn more about our office movers’ services in San Diego or to schedule an estimate, contact Eckert’s Moving and Storage today. We are here to help make the move as seamless as possible.