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Moving Interstate: 7 Things Your Movers Might Not Move

Relocating to a new place with your family is thrilling as you will be exploring places that you have never been to, eating at new restaurants, and more. In short, you can start a life with different goals and objectives. But the entire process of moving, from packing to finding reliable interstate movers in San Diego, loading, and unloading, can be a chaotic ordeal. Therefore, it is crucial to make preparations at your end to ensure smooth and quick moving.

You might have read numerous articles on the internet, offering information on how to make your move less stressful and more fun. But today, we will tell you things that you can’t relocate with moving companies. Of course, there are a plethora of items that your professional movers can help you relocate safely across the town, interstate or out of the country. However, there are a few things that your movers may refuse to move, which we are going to explain in this post.

With this information, you can organize a safe and quick move as well as you can avoid any unpleasant situations in the future.

Seven items that your moving company won’t move:

1. Dangerous and flammable items

Please remember, you cannot move corrosive or highly flammable items such as fuel, chemicals, paint remover, lighter fluid, charcoal or propane tanks with your moving company. It is because of their liability insurance. Usually, transport companies don’t accept hazardous materials because they may face liability issues, if any of their workers get injured when moving these materials. You can’t even move your batteries with acid, so make sure batteries have gel material that can’t spill.

Apart from this, numerous household items fall in the category of dangerous materials. Therefore, be very careful when packing your items. In case of confusion, it is better to confirm with your interstate moving company in San Diego. It is best to ask your preferred movers and packers to provide you with a list of corrosive items before you start packing.

2. Flowers & plants

Although plants and flowers are not hazardous, moving these things is a daunting task. Some plants require a special permit to transport from one state to another. Thus, it is crucial to ask your moving company about their policies for moving house plants.

Also, many ordinary home plants are not allowed to be transported to specific distances, as they may transfer certain pests to another state. Lastly, don’t forget, plants require light and optimal temperature to thrive. If you keep them in the dark truck for a long time, they will die. The best way to relocate your favorite plants and flowers is by carrying them in your car.

3. Valuables & heirlooms

Do you own any family valuables, heirlooms, jewelry, or antique items? If yes, make sure you bring them in your car. While your moving company may not refuse to move high-value items or cash reserves, it is not safe. There are chances of damage or loss when moving your belongings from one place to another.

No matter whether your moving company is insured, it best to move your valuables own your own, as the insurance won’t be enough to cover the current market value of valuable items.

4. Perishable foods

Moving perishable foods with interstate movers in San Diego is a big no-no. Therefore, when packing your belongings, make sure you throw away frozen food, open containers, and foods with shorter shelf life. Instead of carrying cooked eatables on your moving journey, it is smarter to think of ways to eat or cook on the go.

5. Pets

Pets take a position at the top on the list of items that movers refuse to move. After all, moving living animals in a truck that will be close for a long time is extremely unsafe. Plus, depending on the weather conditions, the moving truck may become hot or cold. As a result, your pet may either fall ill or die.

6. Guns

If you own a gun or any other ammunition, you would want it to move safely to your new home along with your other valuables. Each moving company follows a different policy when it comes to moving guns. Most interstate movers and packers don’t accept guns or ammunition but a few companies may agree to move these things along with other items. Therefore, when evaluating the best option, do not forget to ask them if they transport guns or not.

7. Unpacked, loose items

Most moving companies also refuse to move items that are unpacked or loose. So, whether you hire professionals to pack your household items or do it yourself, make sure everything is packed well in boxes with a label. This way, you can protect your belongings from being lost or damaged in transit.

Besides this, you also need to check if your potential movers offer moving services for special items, which are heavy and require disassembly process. These items include pianos, cars, a jacuzzi, a table pool, or more. If you want to move any of these items to your new home, confirm whether your moving and storage company have the tools and facilities to transport special items or not.

Knowledge is the key to make every aspect of your life smooth and easy. While the distance and the entire moving process can become stressful, having the right information can solve most of your issues regarding the move. Hopefully, after this post, now you know what items most movers refuse to move. And you can make prior arrangements accordingly to ensure a hassle-free move.

Generally, it is advisable to work the top movers in San Diego that offers flexible moving services for most household belongings, while ensuring the safety of all things in transit.

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