Moving to San Diego for College

Moving to San Diego for College

Nicknamed “America’s Finest City”, San Diego is best known for its beautiful year-round weather, its pristine beaches, and its assortment of world-class family attractions.  But did you also know that it is the home to numerous colleges, some of which are highly-acclaimed and attract students from all over the U.S? The higher education opportunities are as diverse as San Diego’s culture especially as they range from community colleges to ivy-league universities. Thus, the summer months are extremely challenging for moving services as most of the students start moving from all over the country before the semesters start.

What are the challenges of moving away to college?

When it’s time to move your son or daughter into on-campus housing or an apartment off campus, Eckert’s Moving and Storage is always prepared to assist with moving to San Diego for college reasons.  We know that moving away to college can be extremely stressful.  When you have to get your belongings to your dorm room or apartment using elevators or stairs, it can be very challenging.

Whether you’re moving into an on-campus dorm, fraternity, or sorority house of an off-campus apartment or house, we provide full-service moving and relocation options that are tailored to meet the needs of college students.  Whether you’re moving in or out of college or off-campus housing, we have decades of combined experience and skills in student moving. internet download manager crack ita Additionally, we offer storage services if you need short/long term storage because we know that oftentimes, you share an apartment or have a small apartment. That is why we have affordable prices and secure services all through the year.

We know that it can be difficult to do it all on your own and that is why you need the assistance of professional to ease your stress. Our team of movers will assist you at every step of the way. Whether you are moving into the dorm or out of it, you can be sure that 

As your relocation specialists, Eckert’s Moving and Storage is well-versed at moving your belongings around tight corners, into or out of crowded spaces, and up or down stairs.  No matter which college you’re attending, we stay current on the rules and regulations for all residence halls and other student housing.  We stay current on parking situations as well, especially during those busy move-in/move-out days.

What are the benefits of having our company help your college student move?

Millions of college and university students move into college dorms and housing or off-campus apartments every fall.  For most freshmen students, this is the first time for them to be away from their parents.  Thus, the transition for them is often as stressful as it is for their parents.  However, when you hire our Eckert’s Moving and Storage for all your moving to San Diego for college services, we can alleviate some of that stress by handling everything associated with your student’s moving needs.

As moving and relocation industry experts, there are certain benefits that we provide during this difficult time for parents and college students alike including:

Helping you keep a positive attitude on moving day – college move-in days can really bring out the worst in some people.  Being in an unfamiliar place and having to deal with your life packed up in boxes can real have a negative effect on people.  We help your child’s transition go smoothly and help you keep a positive attitude about them moving to San Diego for college.

We deal with the stress of waiting for elevators and walking up staircases – it goes without saying that move-in days can be extremely chaotic.  Dorms as well as off-campus housing are filled with students and their parents who are all trying to get to the same location at the same time.  You could be waiting a long time to use an elevator or be lugging all those heavy boxes up stairways.  When you leave that hassle to Eckert’s Moving and Storage, we’ll alleviate your stress and handle all the heavy lifting.

You’ll have more time with your son or daughter – moving to San Diego for college is the day that every parent dreads.  It means saying goodbye to their son or daughter until the holidays or summer break in some cases.  With our help, you’ll have that extra bit of time to spend with them instead of dealing with all the move-in tasks.

For more information about our moving to San Diego for college services, call Eckert’s Moving and Storage at (888) 274-7230 today. We are here to help you with your queries and requirements. Our business representatives are available for your assistance.