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Moving Your Business: Avoid These Grave Mistakes for a Smooth Move

Office relocation is a life-changing event. A new location means new clients and opportunities to grow your business. Whether you’re expanding your business or shifting to a desirable area, you will need the help of an experienced corporate relocation company in San Diego for a stress-free move.

If you’re moving for the first time, by now, numerous people might have warned you about the relocation challenges. Of course, relocating a corporate office is more time-consuming and complicated than home. Therefore, to ensure things go smoothly, working with the best moving company that specializes in commercial relocation is a sure shot success.

Sometimes, even after having the right commercial movers and packers, companies end up facing a tough time getting their office move to a new location. You might have read several horror stories related to office relocation. Well, the reason behind this is the common pitfalls that most companies may face during the office move. So, it is essential to avoid these moving mistakes to have a smooth and hassle-free business shifting.

Don’t forget to set your budget

Let’s face it; office relocation can be quite expensive, especially if it’s a long-distance move. We always advise our clients to pay attention to moving expenses, so that you don’t exceed your budget limit. Thus, setting a moving budget is one of the essential steps, which will ensure you pay for what you get. In simple words, you can skip paying for services that you don’t need. For example, by letting your employees handle the move, you could end up paying more due to lost productivity, overtime costs, and compensation claims to workers in case of accident or injury. Hence, it is best to work with experienced office movers in San Diego, along with creating a budget for your move.

Failing to empty desks

When moving your office, do not forget to empty all furnishings of your current commercial space. Of course, there is an exception that is a vertical filing cabinet that you can move along with documents. Apart from this, other furnishings like drawers, desks, storage containers, and bookcases have to be emptied before moving. By doing this, you will not only prevent losing important files but also save your precious time and money.

Not measuring furniture

Although updating your furniture and office decor might not be a part of your moving plan, space limitations and layout differences can change your plans. It means your upcoming office space may not be the same as the current office. Thus, make sure you take measurements of all furniture, such as appliances, chairs, desks, copiers, and other substantial pieces. As a result, you’ll know if your current furnishings will fit your new commercial space or not. And you can sell, throw or donate any pieces that don’t match the layout design of your future office.

Relocating during bad weather or rush hours

Are you looking for a budget-friendly office relocation? If yes, then you have to consider various factors before moving, and one of them is timing. After all, the moving charges are based on the time it takes to relocate office belongings from one place to another. The rates of moving companies can double during bad weather or rush hour. Therefore, always think about the timing of your move in advance to save your money. We understand that you cannot control weather conditions but by planning according to the weather forecast can be a great help.

Last-minute moving

As we mentioned already, commercial moving is more complicated than residential relocation, and forgetting to make plans in advance is a huge error. Often, last-minute packing and shifting can result in skipping some essential steps, which may cause massive consequences. For example, you forget to change your office address, notify your landlord, and more. Apart from this, leaving things to the last minute also causes unnecessary stress for you and your employees, which may impact their productivity.

In the end, you will be in loss. So, it’s clear that prior planning is essential to save you money and time.

Besides this, another common moving pitfall is failing to get a complete estimate in writing. Most reliable movers and packers provide their clients with a written estimate in the beginning, which clearly states their cost for each service. But there are some fraudsters or rogue movers who take advantage of vulnerable customers to cash in more money. Hence, never forget to request your movers a written estimate for your upcoming move.

The final word

When it comes to moving your office, it is always wise to plan ahead and be prepared for all the pitfalls that come your way. Apart from looking for cheap moving services in California, you should also consider if your potential movers have license and insurance to offer coverage in the event of lost or damaged valuables.

If you are searching for a reliable commercial moving company for your upcoming move, get in touch with Eckert’s Moving and Storage for more details.