Furniture consignment options in San Diego

Selling Your Furniture on to a Consignment Store when You move

Eckert’s Moving and Storage specializes in local and long-distance commercial and residential moves.  Since establishing our business, we have alleviated moving stress for hundreds of clients and have ensured that they experience a smooth transition when moving to their new homes.  Most families hire our services for more complex relocations that involve large housefuls of furniture and belongings.  However, other moves are sometimes smaller as some customers choose not to move everything with them. The fastest way of decorating a new home when moving is to sell your old furniture to a consignment store and buy new furniture in your new city or country.

Are you considering having a garage or yard sale?

Having a garage or yard sale is not only a great way to unload those belongings that you want to replace when you get to your new home or that you just don’t want to hassle with.  Remember the adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” This is not only a great way to get rid of a lot of items that you just don’t want to move with you, you can use the money you make to help offset some of your moving costs.  Be sure to hand out lots of flyers and post directional signs.  Also, be flexible with your pricing.  Remember, you’re trying to get rid of these items.

What other options are there for selling your furniture when moving?

Besides donating some items or having a garage or yard sale, there is another option that many individuals overlook when it comes to selling their furniture before moving.  Have you ever considered furniture consignment options in San Diego? If you’re looking for an easier way to get rid of some of your furniture (and other items such as children’s toys, clothing, etc.) why not let a consignment store deal with it? It’s a great way to purge some of your items that you just don’t want to hassle with.

You won’t have to bother with it and you won’t have to let total strangers in your home to see the items. It can be detrimental to your security as you’d need to advertise your phone number and address, which can draw attention of potential scamsters. The only drawback to furniture consignment options in San Diego is that you won’t get paid the entire sales price as consignment stores typically take a hefty cut of the final sales price.  Furthermore, when you get settled into your new home, you can replace some items by purchasing like new items at a consignment store located in your new location.   Basically, it’s a win-win situation.

What are the benefits of selling your furniture to a consignment store?

Consigning your gently-used furniture is also a great way come up with some extra cash before moving.  Additionally, it can make things a lot easier when settling into your new home/location.  There are a few benefits associated with selling your furniture to a consignment store including:

You avoid the risk of letting total strangers into your home – moving is stressful enough.  So why would you want to add to that stress be inviting total strangers into your home and putting you and your family at risk.  When you work with furniture consignment options in San Diego, you avoid that risk.

You don’t have to hassle with any selling – consignment stores take the guesswork out of pricing and selling your items so you’re not shouldered with that burden during the time when you need to focus on your relocation.  By working with a consignment store, your items will be merchandised and staged among other items in a showroom environment.  This requires little if any effort on your behalf.

You’re being environmentally-friendly – by working with furniture consignment options in San Diego, you’re doing your part to keep things out of public landfills.  Consigning your furniture items gives them another chance to be useful.  Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option because your items will be repurposed, reused, and enjoyed in someone else’s home. There are plenty of people that cannot afford to buy expensive furniture so by upcycling, you are helping the less fortunate.

How soon will you be moving?

Once you’ve consigned some of the furniture you aren’t moving with you, there will be less weight in the moving truck that is transporting your items.  Since one of the factors that significantly influences the cost of moving is the total shipment weight of your furniture and other belongings, your moving expenses will be lower.  And you can always buy or rent furniture at your new location.

So, when it’s time to move and you want a reputable moving team to assist with your relocation, contact Eckert’s Moving and Storage at (888) 274-7230 today.  Or, if you prefer, send us a message by clicking here. We are looking forward to helping make your move seamless and smooth.

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