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Moving Abroad: A Complete Guide of Paperwork You Need To Get Done With

Imagine a scenario: you’ve decided to move abroad and start a brand new life. It is a life-changing decision but also brings so many perks. It’s all mixed feelings like you’re emotional to leave your current country, and at the same time, you’re excited about new beginnings.

Everything was going well till the moment you thought: how to move my belongings across borders? From packing your household items to shifting them safely, and unpacking them, everything looks like a stressful task. With the right preparations and moving plans, you can manage it all with ease. However, there is something that needs your attention before you start packing up your things is obtaining the required documents and completing the paperwork for your upcoming international move.

Whenever we hear the word paperwork, it might seem like a lot of work. But with the right guidance and assistance, it is quite manageable. Every country has specific requirements for documentation and permits for moving belongings. Apart from most countries, also mention things that people can’t bring. For instance, in the United States, people cannot bring any animal products.

Although your long distance movers in San Diego will guide you throughout the moving process, meanwhile, you can have a look at the paperwork required for moving abroad.

#1. Let’s begin

Before we dive into the paperwork requirements, take a sneak peek of how to make the international shipping paperwork easier and more convenient.

  • Remove the prohibited things from packing list

Restricted and prohibited items may vary from one country to another. Therefore, make sure you go through the guidelines for prohibited goods of your destination. When de-cluttering your household items, keep aside the restricted ones to throw, donate, and sell.

  • Look for taxes

If you don’t want to pay tax during the move to the government of your upcoming country, avoid moving goods that are liable to duty or taxes.

  • Listen to your gut

Whenever you’re not sure about any items, it is always best to leave it out. No matter how tempted you are to take that particular with you, we advise you to drop it, as it may cause hassle if it’s prohibited.

#2. Prepare a list

When it comes to paperwork for an international relocation, start with a packing list. By partnering with reliable international movers in San Diego, you can make an inventory of the things you’re shipping, which is one of the essential requirements for abroad shipping paperwork. It will also help you stay organized while helping you manage the international shipping paperwork a whole lot better.

#3. Sign a declaration form

Filling and signing a declaration form is a must when you are shipping your goods to another country. It lets your customs know the things you’re relocating. Apart from completing a declaration form, you also need to know your legal status in the country where you’re planning to move. The reputed international movers can help you finish the paperwork quickly because they have shipping agents in every country. 

#4. Save time with a shortcut

Moving abroad is a more complicated and longer process than other types of moves. Therefore, it is advisable to take a shortcut wherever possible. For example, countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the USA, and South Africa allow people to fill and sign customs forms before shipping, which will save you time. As per the laws of the United States, you can even hire someone to complete these tasks. But make sure they have a Power of Attorney form.

#5. Complete your country’s paperwork

You’re almost done, just keep going. The next crucial step is to check out your country’s shipping paperwork requirements. Once you finish this, have a look at the official customs pages for your new destination. Now, compare both and find out specific requirements, if any. With this, you’ll get an idea of what to do next.

#6. Meet your deadlines

Please remember, the inventory list and a customs declaration form are the two most essential items of international shipping paperwork. Thus, always seek the assistance of your moving company so that you can complete the paperwork accurately and within time. They will also take care of any specific requirements of your current country.

Other documents that you may require when relocating from one country to another include an updated passport, visa letter, birth certificates, educational certificates, marriage certificates, and tax and insurance records.

The bottom line

Moving abroad can be an overwhelming and tricky task to do it yourself. For this reason, seeking a professional can help you have a hassle-free and smooth international relocation. But not all movers are legitimate to ship your belongings across the borders and may charge you a lot of transportation costs. Thus, make a mindful decision to choose affordable movers in San Diego.

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