Moving from San Diego to Arizona

Moving from San Diego to Arizona

Whether your decision to move from San Diego to Arizona was based on personal or professional reasons, it’s important to hire professional movers like our company- Eckert’s Moving and Storage to assist with your relocation.  The most popular relocation when moving from San Diego to Arizona is to Phoenix

Why are people moving from California to Arizona?

If you’ve decided to trade life in the Golden State for life in the Grand Canyon State, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with this long-distance relocation.  Besides trading in the smog-filled skies of many California cities for stretches of clear blue skies over a primarily desert environment, Arizona beats out California in the following 4 areas:

  • Cost of living – a $50,000 salary in Arizona is equivalent to earning $100,000 in San Diego and the other large cities in California.  This is attributed to the lower cost of groceries, healthcare, housing, transportation, and utilities in Arizona.
  • Job growth – Arizona ranks #3 overall in job growth in the US with a rate that is double the national average.  Conversely, San Diego ranks 16th.
  • Natural disastersfrom one end of the state to the other, California is a magnet for earthquakes and wildfires.  Since 1953, Arizona has recorded only 3 natural disasters whereas California has had over 50 during that same time.
  • Traffic – when it comes to long commutes and traffic congestion, San Diego ranks 17th on the list of most congested urban areas.  Phoenix ranks 47th.  So if you’re dreaming of living close to your job, Arizona is the place to be.

If you can tolerate a few months of dry heat, the lower cost of living along with natural beauty and shorter commutes, then moving from San Diego to Arizona will be the ideal relocation for you.

We know that even though you must be looking forward to the relocation but the though of actually packing and moving can be extremely stressful. That is where we step in. We’ll take care of all aspects of your move, and even walk you through our procedures so you can relax.

How much does moving from San Diego to Arizona cost?

If you’re hiring Eckert’s Moving and Storage, the cost of your move will depend on the total distance, number of movers you need, supplemental moving services requested, and the weight of your shipment.  Based on those factors, it will cost between $2,300 and $3,800.  Keep in mind that your cost may vary. 

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