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Moving Scams: 6 Effective and Effortless Ways to Avoid Them

Imagine a scenario: You got a job in another state, and you got ten days to move your entire house. As you were looking for residential movers in San Diego, you happen to encounter a pop-up ad on your laptop screen, which says cheap moving services. You booked them and agreed to trust all of your belongings to them. But only to find out that you have to pay way more than decided fees after everything is said and done. Feels like a scam, doesn’t it? Well, it surely is and the markets are full of such scammers.

To help you avoid getting into such instances, we have enlisted some very helpful tips, especially if you’re moving for the first time. For starters, let us tell you that some agencies are working to protect interstate moving consumers, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It is the primary body that monitors cons acting as movers, often known as “rogue movers.” These fraudsters have only one goal and that is to take advantage of your money and target several other vulnerable consumers.

However, before we dive into the tips to avoid such moving scams, let’s first learn what tactics or strategies these rogue movers use. If you didn’t know already, let is start by telling that most moving scammers use tricky bait, elusive, fly-by-night, and switch tactics to trap prey and scam out thousands of dollars.

Here’s how they set up their plan.

When the customers’ full attention is in packing, planning, and moving due to limited time, these scammers take advantage of the situation. They will try to win their trust through low pricing services and false promises of professionalism. Make a note, scammers will hesitate to have a detailed conversation about the pricing and will not discuss all the terms of service in the beginning. Plus, their moving rates will start changing as soon as your entire household has loaded onto their moving truck. As a result, the final moving cost will significantly change from what you expected.

To prevent you from falling prey to any such moving fraudsters, we will help you on how to identify these scammers when looking for cheap moving services in San Diego. Below are some of the ways you can avoid moving scams.

Say no to suspicious bids

The primary difference between legitimate residential movers in San Diego and fraudsters is proper moving estimates. Usually, a reliable moving company will carefully survey your belongings before providing you a complete moving estimate in writing. Also, they will ask you questions related to your packing, delivery, and storage services if you want any. With due diligence, research and attention to detail, you can identify a scammer at the very beginning. 

Look for an experienced moving company

Always go for a company that has years of experience with a proven record of successful and safe moves. Usually, companies like this are worried about their image in the market, so they are likely to offer moving services at fair prices. When it comes to moving scams, they tarnish the company’s reputation, and a reputed mover will not risk their credibility just to earn a few dollars extra.

Watch out for warning signs

Legitimate interstate moving companies in the United States must abide by moving regulations and standards set by the state and federal government, and if your potential movers fail to adhere to these regulations, it’s a red flag. The following are the common violations you need to look for to identify a rogue mover.

Rights and responsibilities

As per the law, every licensed moving company needs to provide its customers with a 25 pages brochure stating “consumers’ rights and responsibilities when moving.” It also helps customers understand industry regulations, fair practices, and their rights.

Suspicious terms and conditions

Be aware of suspicious moving terms and conditions, as some scammers offer their consumers unclear agreements that lack information regarding their property or payment protection. On the contrary, other fraudsters will confuse you by using complex legal terms like “choice of venue” that limits your right to apply for legal claims. When searching for a moving company, if your preferred movers use complicated terms or you’re not clear about their conditions, it is better to seek an attorney’s assistance.

Upfront deposit

Keep this in mind, no legitimate mover will ask for advance cash or credit card deposit before loading your household items in their truck. However, if your moving services provider asks for any upfront deposit, know that you’re dealing with an illegitimate mover.

No moving protection

Every long-distance mover must offer moving protection to its consumers, which covers them in the event of lost or damaged belongings. If your mover doesn’t provide you with any valuation, it’s a big no-no.

Get references

A trustworthy mover will never shy away from giving the details about their previous customers who are satisfied with their services. But if your potential moving company refuses to provide you with names and contact information of their past customers, it’s a moving scam. So, skip to your next option and keep searching until you find the most suitable moving company.

Check their BBB rating

Another essential thing to consider when hiring a moving company is checking its local Better Business Bureau rating. Accidents happen, which means if your prospective mover has an occasional incident, no need to worry about it. But a pattern of accidents, slip-ups or poor deliveries is a no.

Confirm with AMSA

AMSA, the American Moving and Storage Association, is a leading agency that keeps track of all moving companies across the United States. You can check with them, as they will have a list of Pro-Mover certified and interstate movers. If your moving company is not there on the list, keep your search on.

By following these tips, you can avoid moving scams and find the best moving company that meets your needs and budgets.

The final thought

Whether you’re moving across the town, state, or country, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a stressful task. With advance moving preparations and a reliable moving company, you can make your house move hassle-free and more fun. Are you searching for the most-trustable apartment movers in San Diego? If yes, then you can count on Eckert’s Moving and Storage. We have been delivering top-notch moving services to our clients for several years