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Starting A Life In Another Country: How To Move Your Furniture Safely?

Each year, thousands of Americans move abroad to start a brand new life. Some people relocate to another country due to an international job role, whereas others may choose to move to explore unknown places and experience different climatic conditions.

No matter what the reason of your move, starting a life in another country is exciting and frightening at the same time and brings a world full of opportunities. Did we mention the challenges you will face during the process of moving home abroad? Well, don’t fret! We have got you covered.

Aside from choosing the right international movers in San Diego, another vital concern that homeowners have is how to move large belongings like furniture overseas, safely. For this reason, our professionals will explain a complete guide on shipping furniture from one country to another without getting any scratches and dents.

With these pro tips and suggestions on how to pack furniture, you can ensure maximum efficiency and smooth move. Whether you’re moving abroad temporarily or permanently, careful planning and preparations will save you money and time.

How to prepare your belongings for packing?

Before you start thinking about what to pack for your upcoming international move, learn what all furniture items you have, how often you use them, are they working, and how to pack them. Even though you’re planning to take a few things to a new country, we urge you to invest in quality packing supplies rather than local packaging.

Here are the things you must purchase, including heavy-duty adhesive tape, high-quality cardboard boxes, foam protection, and more. However, if it’s your first time and you have no idea about what you’ll need, then having a pair of scissors, a permanent marker pen, bubble wrap, and sturdy and different sized boxes are essential.

Organize your belongings

If you’re packing belongings on your own or planning to hire professionals, in any case, sort and secure all your belongings. By organizing your belongings, you’ll know in which bag you’re packing your clothes, shoes, and other household items. It will be a great help when unpacking and finding your stuff.

For example, packing all kitchen items in the same box will save you time, as you don’t have to search for each box when setting your kitchen. As a result, your unpacking task will become more manageable and quick.

Decide what to move

The next step is deciding what you’re moving abroad. We can understand it isn’t easy to give away things that you own for several years. Therefore, we will help you make the right decision when it comes to determining the things you’re planning to move.

To start with, you must carry documents like college certification, passport, a visa letter, an appointment letter from your employer, or other vital documentation when moving overseas. Apart from this, pack your belongings by prioritizing them according to the needs and availability in the new country.

Tips for moving furniture abroad safely without any hassle

  • Of course, you can pack your furniture on your own. But make sure you follow the packing guidelines given by your long distance movers in San Diego. However, keep in mind that the belongings packed by you will not get any coverage of damages.
  • When packing your sofas or armchairs, first wrap them with craft paper and then use plenty of bubble wraps to provide extra protection. Also, you should not place heavy items in the seating areas to prevent the leather from indentation.
  • If possible, dismantle large items such as wardrobe and dining tables when moving overseas.
  • Pack your furniture in the right-sized and sturdy moving boxes, and label them accurately.
  • Use moving blankets to wrap smaller furniture like bookcases, chairs, or cabinets, then stretch wrap them to avoid any chances of rubbing or damage.
  • Ship your furniture via sea freight instead of air freight to cut down your transportation costs.
  • Make a list of all your belongings and click pictures before loading them on the truck, sea cargo, or air freight.

In closing

Besides this, the most vital thing that will ensure the safety of your furniture is working with an insured moving company. Partnering with an experienced moving and storage company in San Diego also means your belongings will not deny an entry overseas due to insufficient paperwork. Plus, they will also give you a list of things that you can’t move to another country.

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